Funnies from Friends on Face…fook


Aimee posted this about her son:

L: Mommy, after soccer season ends, can you sign me up for flag football?
Me: Sure boo.
L: And then when I get to be in fifth or sixth grade, can you sign me up for kids tackle football?
Me: Yes, we’ll see.
L: And then when I get grown up, can you sign me up for the NFL?

And Sara about her daughter:

We all loved celebrating our newly six-year-old girl today. I especially enjoyed her encouragement when I was frustrated while using a new decorating tip on her cupcakes.
“Why won’t this frosting turn out right?! YouTube made it look so easy…”
“Mom, I think they look good! You are doing a great job! I think, when it looks terrible, that actually means it is GREAT, and the ones you are making are REALLY, REALLY GREAT.”

And yet another from Sara because she’s just great:

This afternoon the kids were cleaning up our particularly disastrous house as a surprise for Daddy. I had this exchange with my son:
“Do you think Dad will even notice?”
“NOTICE?! He’ll be overjoyed. Shocked. He’ll probably collapse from a heart attack.”
“Well, that’d be good – ”
“GOOD?! What?! That would be terrible!”
“I mean, at least that way we’d know that he really appreciated it.”

UPDATE: Their dad survived the initial shock. That man is SO ungrateful.

And now a gratuitous marriage tip from one of my books, 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage.


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  1. One time I made homemade bread and forgot to put in the yeast. (It was a long day…don’t ask.) When I realized what I had done and that I had wasted the other ingredients, my sweet boy was trying to make me feel better said, β€œIt’s okay, Mommy, at least you didn’t waste to yeast.”

    It made me smile and feel so much better. I ended up using the dough to roll out into tortillas instead.

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  2. LOL! Kids have a different way of looking at the world, don’t they? Reminds me of my daughter when she was about 3 or 4 on our way to my brother’s wedding in Grand Forks, ND. We kept telling the kids (on a long drive) to watch for signs saying we were leaving Minnesota. After a few reminders, she asked where “Big Sota” was.

    Still wish I’d been able to record that!

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