Utilizing the scientific principal of ‘better late than never’


Here’s Little Man in his “My First Halloween” outfit.



You got candy over there?


My friend, you appear to have lost your head.

And so as not to have this blog turn into an excuse for showing off pictures of my baby, here’s a funny story to reward you for scrolling past the pics. My mom sent this to me about a friend’s child.

A little girl asked her grandfather, “Papa, what is the man’s job in a woman having a baby?”

The grandfather replied, “That’s something you should talk to your mom about.”

Little girl: “Is that because you don’t know?”

And because I can’t resist the darling back of his hair, here’s one more.DSCN4966


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  1. No longer having babies in our lives β€” our youngest grandchildren are fifteen and our oldest not yet interested in parenthood β€” my husband and I feel a bit baby starved, so I love seeing baby pictures; and you are right, the back of his head is adorable!


  2. Like the others commenters, I too love your baby pictures. I miss those days. I’m re-living them vicariously through you…..Am I allowed to say that when I’m not managing the sleepless nights and spit-up and blow-out diapers and what-not πŸ˜‰

    Either way….love the pics. Hope you keep posting them.

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  3. Look at those cheeks!

    My eldest was supposed to arrive before Halloween and so we had all these cute little candy corn themed outfits. Bugger waited until election day. Glad you got some use out of yours.


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