Goodbye, Hillary!


No, this is not a political post. I don’t do those. This is a story that takes place at a park where several friends and our children were gathered. One of my dear friends has an odd habit of accidentally calling me Becky when we’re in public, so, to get back at her, I’ll call her by the wrong name too.

As she was leaving, she waved and called, “Bye, Becky!”


Is this an obnoxious picture, or what? Well, it is free from pixabay, so…

I waved back: “See you later, Hillary.”

Only she didn’t look at me. Or wave to me. Or even smile at me.

Strange, I thought. About as strange as the looks our mutual friends gave me. Looks that said, “Don’t you know her name? I thought you guys were friends.”

Then I realized there was an actual Becky at the park, not just me, the fake one. That’s who my friend was waving goodbye to, which come to think of it, makes more sense since she’d already said her fond farewell to me.

Oh well. I just went back to eating. So I looked like an idiot. That tends to happen when I got out in public.

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  1. Correct names are highly over rated. It takes a lot of mental space to keep track of face/name correctness that I’d rather use for other things – like writing great wisdom or selecting an item from the lunch menu. Mostly I just call adults “dude” and children “George.” It’s about the only difference I normally make – age. Sometimes people a lot older than me I call “Sir” and people in their 20s, “Son.” Mostly it works fine, except some women object to being called “son” or “sir.” People can be so sensitive at times. Once people discover that I often don’t know my own name (damn, where is that name tag), then tend to just smile and back away slowly.

    So, dude, great post!

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  2. I call everyone dear, hun, sweatheart, dearheart, sweetie, honey, darlin’,…, this has worked for me for years, sure, a few guys have gotten the wrong impression over, but they were easily let down. But now, even that is starting to offend some people.

    I have come to realize you just can’t win for losing. If people are determined to be offended, they will be offended no matter what.

    And those that I am COMFIDENT I have their name correct, I find out I have called them by the wrong name for 5 years and they never bothered to tell me. The embarasing, and hillarious story is how I found out. I hear another person continue to call her by another name, and having enough, and being my outspoken self, I finally said “are you going to let her keep calling you the wrong name?” Now if I had been wise i would have pulled my friend aside, but that wasn’t my style. So, imagine my embarrassment when she said “but that is my name.” I just started adding up the length of our friendship. I was mortified. LOL

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  3. LOL! I’ve done that. And the one where I know the person’s name, but it doesn’t come out quite right. And the one where I know the person, but damn it, I can’t for the life of me remember their name. And then the one where someone calls me by the wrong name, and I spend the next 20 seconds wondering if I should correct them–and of course missing everything they’re saying in the meantime πŸ˜€

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  4. Okay PIF….I can relate. I ALWAYS get people’ names wrong. SO much so that I just start calling some people (who I get closer to) by the wrong name, on purpose. Like a nickname. So when their real names pop out my hand flies over my mouth thinking I used the wrong name. True story. True life.


  5. Funny. I forget names of people I know really well. Like my sister in law and grandkids, people I work with every day. I just called them “whatsername” and everyone laughs. “Hillary” and “Donald” are good ones under the… um… right circumstances. πŸ™‚


  6. My grandmother would sometimes call me by my cousin’s name, Jason. Far more often, however, she would catch herself in mid-Jason and course correct by saying Michael. So I was called “Jamichael,” which isn’t all that bad once you get used to it.


  7. Oh I m terrible at names too… or just recognizing people apparently. I jumped in the wrong car and the other day. Thought it was my friend picking me up. β€œMust be a new car”…. nop…

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