What? That’s not a good answer?


My daughter’s science assignment is to come up with analogies for the parts of a cell. My husband is helping her with ideas like a factory and an assembly line. I’m in the kitchen yelling my own suggestions: “gun runners, the Nazi regime, slave traders, illegal high stakes gambling…” Since she has to turn this in, I thought it would be fun to have totally inappropriate responses. Husband’s like, we’d be called for a teacher conference, be shown this, and say, “Oh good. She toned it down.”


The girls decided to decorate their baby brother while I wasn’t looking.

I learned something interesting today. The term indentured servant comes from when master and servant would write up their contract on a piece of paper, then tear the paper, each person keeping half. To verify the contract, they would line up the indents on the torn side of the paper. Neat, no?

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  1. nucleus: the closet Grandma’s kept in
    mitochondrion: Abu Graib sweat box
    chloroplast: Swiss bank account
    lysosome: crocodile pit
    ribosomes: boogers
    endoplasmic reticulum: highway to Hell


  2. Your daughter could write the “story of a cell” with your suggestions–it’d be an action-packed, adrenaline-inducing adventure! Love the decorating! Tell the girls to enjoy dressing him up now, because little brothers have a tendency to stop sitting still when they get older πŸ˜€ And wow, fun fact about indentured servants. I never would have guessed.

    Still working on your chapter–sorry. Been a crazy few weeks, but now that tennis is over, things should quiet down (I don’t have to pick up my daughter’s shift at the library). Then again, there’s something about being in a library…


    • Ha. I do love libraries. We go every Saturday, but sometimes my girls beg us to go sooner than that. It’s not a bad problem to have! I did a little more with ch. 5 after I sent it to you, but only stuff like deleting a few thens. Nothing major. If I finish ch. 6 before you start ch. 5, I’ll resend. But don’t let that hold you back should the mood strike you!


  3. If your daughter actually used your suggestions, you could tear her paper with a ‘F’ on it in half, just as a reminder to you both that your husband should always help with homework as her indentured servant….you win both ways then!!!


  4. Oh my …. seems like your answers were ignored … and thankfully so! πŸ˜‰ … Nucleus (brain), mitochondria (battery), chloroplasts (kitchen), lysosome (stomach), endoplasmic reticulum (tunnels), ribosomes (protein milk shake factory)


  5. Huh. I didn’t know that about indentured servant contracts. Seem so logical now that you explain it. I love the photo of your decorated baby. He seems placid, resigned to his fate.


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