Monitoring the Monitor


Through the baby monitor, my husband and I heard Joseph wake up. I went to get him and said, “So, Joseph, what do you think of Daddy? He’s kind of funny looking, huh? But don’t worry. You get to leave when you’re 18. I’m stuck with him for life!”

My husband pushed the talk button on the receiving end and said, “You’re funny!”

Heh heh.


Daddy posing like Joseph. At the last second, Joseph shifted his gaze. It was awesome when they were both looking in the same direction. Just imagine that, okay?

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    • Heehee. Thanks, Julie. So, today is Sept. 1st, NaNoProMoFo… or something like that. 😉 Dang, I was hoping to get the next two chapters from you before this fateful month arrived. (The month of my birth.) Hopefully when October arrives you’ll still be feeling up for it. I’m grateful for your insight. And for all the notes of “love it” and “:)”. 🙂 Your notes are helpful, and I’m not just sucking up, honest. Also, your garden is impressive, your cat and chickens are cute, your Muse and dragon are great, I love your hairstyle, that’s a lovely outfit you’re wearing today. Do you look that good even without make-up? Have you lost weight? 😉

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      • LOL! I’m so far behind I think I’m first! And you said what about sucking up? Hmm? Heh, and yes, that’s pretty good stuff 😀 Been busy, and I haven’t even had much chance to write, much less keep up with all the blogs I’m following. Hoo boy. So now I’m trying to put together a blog post, because I can do that when there’s activity around. And I think my Muse is getting ready to pull out the fedora and bullwhip. Hmm. I suppose he’s going to hijack my blog post again. 🙂 Dammit. Can’t get away with anything, not even missing a blog post for a week. Oh, snap. He’s at the door. Gotta go!

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