One month down


DSCN4656So, Little Man is one month old today. That leaves two months of the so-called “fourth trimester.”

I get it. I remember when my last child was a baby repeating to myself, Just get to three months. Things will be better after three months.

I’ve also heard this time referred to as the 90 Days of Darkness.

There are good days and bad days. Likewise with the nights. The hard part is, it’s never the same from one day or night to the next. Of course, if they were all bad, I’d not like that much at all. The point is, I look forward to there being some rhyme or reason to it all. Schedules and predictability are good, for Momma and Baby, especially when I’m trying to plan a trip to the grocery store.

Because this blog is supposed to be about humor, let me find something from the vault. MONTHS ago, long before I was preggo, the Hubs and I were playing a card game while our daughters played quietly nearby. I remarked to him, “Isn’t it great how nice and peaceful our girls are, and how they play together so well?”

SECONDS later we heard the two young neighbor boys through the open window. One said to the other, “Let’s play try to hurt each other!”

We laughed. At that moment I was so glad to have girls.

And yet… πŸ™‚

Ah, what new adventures I’m in for.

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  1. You both look beautiful and happy. I guess you’ve heard this from the ‘older generation’ but I’m going to say it again anyway – time flies so fast and these days with your beautiful children will be cherished and missed one day. Mine are grown now and I often wish I could go back and cuddle them as babies again. I guess in that sense we forget the stresses and tiredness and only remember the good times πŸ˜‰ Loads of love xxxx


    • I know what you mean. I look at my second youngest and think, “When did you get to be so big?” Or my biggest who is nearly a teenager, for that matter. It’s true. And I’m glad these rough times won’t be remembered. Now to just get through them. πŸ™‚ Thank you, Dianne. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. A frequent occurrence: The resident 16-month-old girl makes an issue out of EVERYTHING…because she can. She’s in a bad mood, so she will have no part in tolerance for her threenager big bother. And, it isn’t just enough to ensure she’s left alone, she seeks out getting him in trouble. I’ll be out of eyesight doing something vital and important…like cruising social media in every effort to maintain sanity. I’ll hear her wailing in what I’ve come to learn is NEVER an emergency. I’ll dash into the other room just the same. Threenager is doing something annoying…like existing…on the other side of the room, and baby sister is out for blood hoping he’ll get in trouble because I’ll err in taking her word for it that something terrible occurred. My response is to do what all good parents would…roll my eyes, and return to the computer hoping for some kind of nifty new political meme that will have me chuckling.

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  3. Looks like you’re doing fine. Don’t worry about having a boy. There were three boys in my family and after we left home, mother had a … sorry bad example. Umm, you’ll be fine. Trust me. Yeah, just fine. Nothing to worry about. I am sure he won’t torment his sisters or break their toys or anything like that. Yup, reasonable sure that won’t happen.

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  4. Hope the baby gets into a routine soon.
    I remember my oldest has first night of sustained sleep (6 hrs) at just about 3 months exactly. I told my colleagues the next day I had never loved him more.

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  5. What a lovely picture. Thank you for sharing it.

    I always felt it took about 10 weeks for me to start feeling like a separate human entity after having both of my babies. The postpartum period is both surreal and lovely. And yes, fatiguing too! Hope things smooth into a routine for you soon.


  6. You’re both beautiful, B. And though I’ve got one of each, I’d much rather have two boys. If your oldest is almost a tween, or teenager … Remember how your own teen years were, um, yeah, let’s say challenging (or maybe you were super-lucky and had an awesome time between ages 11 and 20, in which case I salute you!) Then again, I hope you luck out!

    Oh, and the girls will probably dote on their little brother–score three (pairs) for you for watchful eyes while you’re writing your next masterpiece πŸ˜€


    • My oldest is 12. She changes diapers, holds baby, and makes me sandwiches. People have said Joseph has three little moms to take care of him. They’re taking care of me, though, too. πŸ™‚ I’m lucky in that regard. Though she’s 12, she only has a bit of a ‘ttude that comes but infrequently, thankfully! For two straight years all 3 of my girls will be teenagers at once. Heaven help me then! I’ll be begging to have these years back! They’re great ages.


  7. We agree with Lonna; You look entirely too good to have just had a baby!! As for times ahead of you…good luck. lol I’d love to say that daughters are easier than sons but….with a daughter like Inion, the adventures never stopped. Beautiful mama & baby. πŸ˜‰ xo


  8. Lovely photo. Thanks for the hilarious story. I have seen opposite scenarios too, like girls fighting and boys being peaceful. Your boy is the cutest and sister adoring type, I can tell from the picture. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful time.


  9. Hi Betsy! I sometimes think though that the very early days of having a baby are in some ways the easiest, I know the fatigue and all that, but it’s the time when generally people don’t expect you to be anything other than a wreck! People are understanding about how hard it is (well except older children of course who still want everything from you!), and plus the baby just needs its basic needs to be met and to be held a lot. Exhausting as it was, I remember those middle of night moments when you’re up feeding the baby, just the two of you, when it feels like the whole rest of the world is asleep, and there’s something magical and precious about that. Once you get past the three months, then the range of things the baby needs start to increase, and people start expecting you to be a bit more together! Also I’ve heard you say a few times about girls being easier but I totally disagree, having had both, my boy has always been easier than my girl, and I know lots other parents who have both who say the same thing. I always used to think girls would be easier too. I know you can’t generalise, and everyone is different, but I (and other parents I have spoken to) generally feel that the boys are more easy going, and get over stuff quicker – that kind of ‘anything for an easy life’ attitude that extends into adulthood for men πŸ˜‰


    • I definitely like the thought of not expected to do much. I’ll certainly ride that for as long as I can! πŸ™‚ I’ve just heard horror stories from other moms about trips to the emergency room for broken bones, missing teeth, kid climbing into this, falling off that… I know they’re all different, and my husband reminds me that the boys in his family were the mellow ones. Hopefully our son will take after his father. Thank you for the words of encouragement, Vanessa!


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