The news that isn’t fit to print, but I am anyway


“Betsy, you’re waddling,” I was told last night as I walked into a restaurant for a friend’s baby shower. (The friend, btw, was not in attendance because she was at the hospital in labor. We celebrated in her absence.)

So it’s as I feared.


This is what I’ve become. Picture the waddle.

The sprained muscle I mentioned in my last post has only gotten worse, and the other side of my body is getting thrown off to compensate, thereby exasperating my pregnant-lady walk. At seven months, I should not have the pregnant-lady walk!

Not to mention the pain. I decided it was time to take action by rubbing cream on the affected area, you know, my “lower back.”

Oooh, the cooling sensation. Not bad. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Wait? What’s happening now? Why is it burning? My gosh my as—er… lower back is on fire! How did a cream that started out cool turn my backside into a bunsen burner?!

Oh. Okay. It’s going away now. Cool again. Ahh…

And now we’re back to the pain.

All that remained of this experiment was the tingliness between the fingers that applied the cream and that nasty, pasty peppermint smell.

Also, last night I lost sleep thinking how, with the three-hour time change working against me, my being a severe night owl, and my inability to sleep in strange places, plus the excitement/nerves of what will be happening the next morning, there’s a good chance I won’t get any sleep.

Then I comforted myself thinking, “Well, if Jack Bauer can do it.”

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  1. You could get the tiger balm patch. Your fingers won’t tingle or smell funny. You’re back will still turn to fire, but at least you’ll save your fingers. and it’s nice to have friends who help point out things like, “you’re waddling.” I mean you hadn’t noticed yet, had you. Well there was that blog post, but that doesn’t count.

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  2. I watched a tv show last night – Blackish – and the mother delivered her baby on the day she was supposed to have a baby shower. Hmmm. Something is up.


  3. Oh, man. Back pain, preggers, and having to walk around airports in the same day is bad enough without the time change. Maybe your friend can push you around in a wheelchair at the airport? I don’t have any additional suggestions, except if you have an opportunity to take a hot bath (no hot tubs, though) to relax mind and back, take it.

    Good luck, Betsy! May the waddle abandon you soon 😀


  4. You may have been exasperated, but I think what the muscle sprain was doing to your pregnant-lady walk was either exacerbating or exaggerating it.

    And yeah, those topical anti-ache creams work on the counter-irritant principle. You hope you’re trading away a more bothersome pain for a less annoying one.


  5. We have places that do special pregnancy massages in Australia (I’m not sure if they have special massages tables or how they do it), I’ve never had one, but I hear they’re very good. Maybe it’s time to look around and see if they offer them somewhere close to you 🙂


    • Apparently taking a long trip, tons of walking, a bit of stress, a bit of excitement and fun, sitting on planes for days, and lots of prayers and well-wishes from blog friends is what the doctor ordered. Feel so much better!

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    • Aw, sorry about your arthritis. That must be tough as a writer, but I’m glad you found something that helps. (Someone else told me cutting out sugar helped them. Just fyi in case it’s worth a try.) And I’m already feeling better. Thank you! 🙂


  6. Around 7 months with my third kid and I swear I already have the pregnancy waddle. My little is face down and LOW I can’t help but waddle to relieve the pressure!! Good luck mama.


  7. Take care of yourself. I didn’t have the help I needed and by my last three months of my last pregnancy I was in so much pain and there was no turning back. It was beyond prep h creams even laying down was tortuous pain. Acupuncture relieved it a bit but I should not have pushed it and stopped all my nesting and enjoyed lots more take out. Sit back and relax my dear.


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