Fun writing contest from a fellow blogger


All you writer types: Mike Allegra at “Hey look a fellow writer” is holding a writing contest for 200 words or less with a prize of $50 in various gift cards. Go here for all the details. And OMG, it’s actually “Hey look a writer fellow.” All this time I thought it was “a fellow writer.” Apparently I need to work on my reading as well as writing skills. Sorry, Mike.

Anyway, y’all, check it out!

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  1. How funny that you thought it was fellow writer all this time! It’s interesting how once we have seen something a certain way, we can keep seeing it that way. I had a similar thing with another blog I follow, I don’t know if you follow that one, it’s called ‘The Bumble Files’ and all the time I thought it was ‘The Bumble Flies’, like a bumble bee flying! Even though it’s written in big at the top of her blog, I just always saw it wrong. I can’t remember how I eventually realised, I think it was when she spoke about the name of her blog in one of her posts.

    Have you entered Mike’s contest? I have my entry almost ready to post.

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