Female bonding


This is probably not an appropriate story for men to read. Having said that, any man reading this will totally keep reading. Well done, Betsy.

“TheNAT”–San Diego Natural History Museum in all its fabulous prehistoric glory

So here’s what happened. My family was at the natural history museum, chilling out on the back steps having a snack after our visit. A mother and her son were on the steps near us doing the same thing. Then a woman and her daughter came out the back door of the museum. This woman was… well, petite in all areas but one. And that area was quite obvious, like too obvious to be natural.

I looked at the mom on the steps nearby and simply said, “Fake, right?”

She gave me a nod that said, “Oh, yeah. Definitely.”

It cracked me up. I didn’t even have to say what I was looking at. Though we hadn’t spoken a word to each other beforehand, this was all it took for us to bond in our au naturale femaleness. Honestly I feel bad for that mom of the little girl. My guess is she’s single and hoping to snag a new man in the wrong way. Hopefully I’m wrong.

But, hey, thanks for bringing other women together.

Dare I even ask: What do you think of boob jobs? Worth it for some women? Too obviously fake to do any good? Is it me, or would that just attract the wrong kind of man?

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  1. I come from a family that after breastfeeding the breats size doesn’t go down. So I was terrified that my size f would not reduce in size after breastfeeding. I told my husband not to get excited because if that happens I would get a breast reduction. No ifs ands or buts about it. I was fortunate and went back down to my size C’s unlike my grandmother and my aunts. I am fortunate that my husband’s insurance would have paid for it and even more fortunate that I didn’t have to go through the surgery. My grandmother and my aunt have terrible back pain on top of an extra vertebrae in our lower back that we are genetically disposition to. I can’t imagine why some women would voluntarily go through a surgery that increases their bust size and needs to be replaced every 10 years for Hygiene purposes. But to each their own I guess, it’s just something I can’t wrap my head around.


    • Haha, nice, Andrew. As one of my two token male readers, I give you permission to read the story anyway. It’s kind of amusing. I don’t think your wife would mind. Or you could just have her read it and give you the gist.


      • On a more serious note, even we guys know when they’re fake. I’ve always thought that plastic surgery (include boobs) is only justified for reconstruction after accident, severe birth defect or illness like cancer. I just don’t understand it for cosmetic reasons.

        I find men who are drawn to women for purely physical reasons to be shallow and always wonder why women are drawn to men like that. Either I am a renaissance man or a wuss.

        Still, it is an amusing scene – two women bond over a boob job. There really isn’t a male equivalent. Well, maybe when we compare trucks …


      • Just when you compare trucks? What about woodworking prowess?
        I agree with your assessment for when plastic surgery is justified and your assessment of shallow men. I would imagine women are okay with guys like that because they (the women) are desperate and have low esteem. They probably had a bad experience and think they can’t do any better. It’s sad, really.


      • πŸ™‚ I love it. And thank you for weighing in here, Andrew. I wonder what women compare. I should probably know this. Well, besides the topic of this post, if they compare that at all. Not the women I hang out with anyway.


  2. I find some of the modifications grotesquely too large.

    Ladies are just intrinsically attractive. Small breasts, large ones…same thing.

    I shave my face for comfort. I don’t know why women should shave the hairs that make them look grown-up — crotch, armpits, legs. Even a thin lady-mustache or unibrow is OK. Only long nose or ear hairs look unattractive, and only because they suggest senescence.


  3. I agree with everyone else: unless necessary for health reasons, be happy with what you have. Oh, and for those of us who wonder if having a little more would make it easier to buy bras that fit right (any idea how tough it is to find an almost-b that fits comfortably?), enjoy the extra we get when we’re pregnant and breastfeeding. And athletic bras rule! (and fit πŸ™‚ )


  4. I’m very happy with mine and so have never had want (excepting those times I am stuck trying to get in or out of a sports bra that’s gotten twisted around itself) or need to change what I was born with but to each their own.


  5. How funny so many amazing size bones in the museum and the one thing you will remember from your visit will be someone’s boobies! Maybe she just likes the attention. I think they would get in the way of things and feel bad that no one will take her seriously even if she is an intelligent person…perception.


  6. My grandma had a reduction and I was sooo scared that mine wouldn’t go down after nursing but thankfully they did. It looked like I had a boob job (or like grapes on a toothpick body), but no, that back pain came au natural. Several women in my family have had them done and it just looks fake and now their clothes now have to show it off. I think it sends a terrible message to their daughters (one of whom has had work done in her early 20s). I had 2 co workers several years ago that both had saline implants pop or leak within a month and they had to go back for surgery :(. Hubby says I can spend whatever I want on bras, and really, a $40-60 pair can make a HUGE difference and it’s cheaper and safer than surgery.


    • I hear about implants leaking far too often to be okay with doing that. Not that I would anyway, but I’m surprised people are okay with taking that risk. And yeah, not great message to send to daughters. :/


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