Letters from Grandma


Quotes from my mother’s letters to the girls:

When Grandpa rakes leaves, he builds a little fire. The deer come out of the woods and stand around the fire warming up. I take them cups of hot chocolate. Yesterday I taught them how to make s’mores. They roast the marshmallows on their antlers.

Then in the next letter:

We have several inches of snow and it’s cold. The deer are unhappy. They miss the bon fires. One deer tapped on the window and waved a hoof for me to come out. But I don’t have a fur coat. So then he put his hoof up to his ear like, “Call me.”

heading-southNow this is important: Don’t ever ever give your phone number to a deer. He will call you at 2 a.m. That’s when deer like to eat and say, “Hey the berry bush at the Smiths is really tasty. It would be so good with s’mores.”

You just have to ignore deer.


That’s my mother folks. She has more great stories like this sent to the grandkids in her book, Heading South: Tales from the RV Trail. If you want a fun, entertaining read, check it out.

What’s the most fun memoir, travel, or comedy book you’ve read? If you want to get all three in one, try Heading South. 😉

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  1. The most fun comedic book (originally published as 3 vols.) I’ve read I think is still “Illuminatus!” by Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson. It does take getting over the hump though, before it changes from a headache to fun. It had long passages that made me LOL continuously. I was introduced separately & became friendly with both the authors before their deaths. The book has been especially influential in Hollywood, though usually without explicit acknowledgment.


  2. Well, she is right, a berry bush at 2:00 am would be very tasty with s’mores. Good to hear she’s passing this wisdom on to a new generation – a lot of people don’t know about deers and their telephone usage…


  3. What kind of chocolate do deer like with their s’mores? Hershey’s is okay, but if you really want to impress the in-laws, you gotta have Godiva. Seriously. 😀

    I heard their favorite party game is the ring toss. The only difference is they throw a whole bunch of rings in the air and whoever catches the most on their antlers wins!


  4. I’ll add this book to my list. I always enjoy a good memoir with a light touch. The most memorable funny adult travel memoirs I’ve read are by J. Maarten Troost. The first one is The Sex Lives of the Cannibals. It had me in stitches on an airplane, with passengers giving me the side eye.


  5. She’s so wise. I don’t trust deer either, mostly because I view them in the same way my dog views squirrels. Really, could you guys not have left me more than one green bean in the garden this summer? And don’t try to tell me it wasn’t you. I saw the hoof prints.


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