As heard in a fourth grade classroom, part 2


Here’s something months-old from my draft folder. It’s all I have the energy for. My youngest is six, so I am very surprised to find myself in the woes of a first trimester all over again. I’ve not been so attentive of mine or other’s blogs lately. Please forgive me.

Girl Student (teary eyed): My finger really hurts…

Me (blowing a kiss onto her finger): There we go! When I taught kindergarten a couple years ago, every time I blew a kiss on someone’s owie then it healed VERY soon. My students said my boo-boo kisses were like magic! I sure hope I still have my touch!!

Girl Student (rubbing her finger): Nope. You don’t have it anymore.

(A few minutes later…)

Girl Student (smiles apologetically and whispers): Oh, never mind what I said…I guess you really DO still have the touch!

Me: YAY!!! I’m so happy to hear that I haven’t lost it!

Girl Student: Alright, Tiger, now don’t get TOO excited!

Having just finished our Oregon Trail unit before spring break, I took down the posters and returned borrowed items to teachers to start fresh after break. One of my boys brings a piece of an old prairie schooner wheel and a few other Oregon Trail related things to share today, our first day after the break. He says to me, as he’s packing up, “When I get really interested in a unit we’re studying **I** will be the one to decide when we’re done studying it!”

One of my girls brought a paper snowflake she’d made to show me. Me: Wow! That’s beautiful! Is that the first one you’ve ever made? Girl: *sighs* No, I’ve actually made a few at home and tried to put them on my cat for clothes, but she doesn’t want to wear them.


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  1. My youngest came home with an ant bite on her little finger. I asked. ‘How did you get that?” She says, “I dont know”. Her and her friend were playing in an ant hill over recess. … Nice post Betsy. don’t these kids keep you young at heart?


  2. That was super sweet of your student to say, and I love her come back

    Are congratulations seriously in order, or are you merely trying to say you’ve been absent-minded / chronically tired (aka being a mom) lately?


  3. I loved these stories. They took me back to the years I taught 4th grade and enjoyed my students when they were funny on purpose or accidentally. How wise you were to record the things your students said.


      • I don’t know if I ever mentioned it on your blog, but some decades ago after I had a chuckle over something my 3 YO niece said, I started musing about how laughing at children’s expressions is a version of moron jokes. Apparently the reason we take them differently than if actual morons were involved is because we all go thru the “moron” stage & are expected to grow out of it. Also because knowing actual morons (or demented adults) is a sad thing, and extracting the few funny moments from them doesn’t quite have the same feel as doing the same w children, because knowing children is not a sad experience.

        But now I’m reminded of the fun I made of my adult students’ unintentionally funny writings — and there are collections out there from lots of other college teachers — and it’s a different take because we expected them to have already grown out of being “morons”. It’s more a matter of laughing AT them then, because we have the sense that they’re not actually stupid but inattentive or unmotivated.


  4. Wait, you’re pregnant! I haven’t done any blog visiting for a while, but just doing the rounds a little bit this morning. I saw mention of first trimester at the top, and thought of pregnancy, but then when you went on to the school thing I thought I must have misunderstood, but then reading the comments, it was confirmed! (Not sure why I sometimes feel the need to relay my full thought processes to people!). Anyway, huge congratulations to you!!! Glad I stopped by πŸ™‚


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