Speaking of nap time


My husband, who actually is capable of napping at any time and anywhere, even sitting up in a room filled with playing children (I’m so jealous of him), was “resting his eyes” in the same chair where I received the animal and blanket just days before.

The youngest climbed into his lap. “I want to play a game with Dad,” she said.

“Like what?” he mumbled.

“Like open your eyes and talk.” Long pause. “You’re losing.”

I’m not sure which of them I should feel more sorry for.


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  1. LOL!! Now, I’d substitute my dad for hubby. He’s famous for falling asleep–er, resting his eyes while sitting in his chair. And snoring. As in, was that an earthquake snoring. Bonus, though: the kids all seem to fall asleep when sitting on Grandpa’s lap. 😀


  2. I’m a “sleep anywhere/sitting up in a room full of kids” type. However, I MUCH prefer a traditional nap (lying down, cozy blanket, quiet room), even if it’s only 20 minutes. Now that I’m back to work, I sure do miss that!


  3. This post and the one about your daughter rearranging your nap accessories reminded me of the time I was lounging on the couch watching football — just being a Dad. My three year old daughter walked past me on her way upstairs, stopped, and came back to say only, “No, Daddy” and rearrange me! Rather than having one arm back over my head and one leg bent, she recognized that I needed to have both hands folded over my chest, and my legs straight. Satisfied, she went back to her other business.

    I can only imagine what force it is that empowers a three year old to see the world and the people in it as something to be fixed by herself. Even more, I don’t know how she intuitively understood that a man lounging on a couch watching football needed something, and that she would just have to step in and fix it. Moments like that, and remembering them, remind me that children are like divine beings displaced or created into this messy world, trying to get along and bringing light wherever they go. I think it also teaches men something about women, however little, and their need to see their men do something more than goof off. Or at least to look good while goofing off!


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