Happy Halloween


My daughter got a yo-yo from a neighbor. She licked it, and the string. Then she said, “This isn’t candy!”



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  1. LOL! The string wasn’t enough of a giveaway? How old is your daughter? On the other weird side of things, my daughter and her friends went trick or treating and each of them got … wait for it … a rock.

    Seriously. And none of them were dressed up as Charlie Brown or a ghost with too many holes in the sheet!


  2. I will give her credit for not trusting her eyes. That sort of optimistic in the face of all evidence to the contrary / open-minding thinking is exactly what we need more of 🙂


  3. Too funny. I remember one year we went to Sea World for a little trick-or-treating and the look on my son’s face when he received a banana from one of the station was priceless.


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