Launch day!


I was not planning to post about this, especially after the news I shared last week of my author copies arriving. It just feels kind of awkward, but then I saw that there are already two 5-star reviews on Amazon. I am so tickled pink that I have to share, and the reviews take two totally different perspectives, which I thought was cool.

And yes, today is the official day that the book goes on sale. What book, you ask? Pish. This one, of course!101_tips_marrying_right_person

Here are the kind reviews:

I originally read this book with the intent of hopefully helping my brother to find a good person to share his life with. Not only does this book offer real life, easy to read, quick and applicable tools to follow as you navigate through a relationship, it also serves as a perfect parenting tool. I have two young boys at home. This book has great advice and principles that should be shared with your children BEFORE they near dating age. Why wait until your children are out of the house, or until your child willingly chooses to purchase and read this book on their own. I suggest parents read this and begin teaching these principles to their children. Then when old enough, give the book to your child for them to read on their own. Also, don’t be afraid to give this book to people already in a relationship either. How I wish I could go back in time and share with close friends those “gut” feelings I had about their chosen future spouses. Now that some of my dear friends and family members have divorced, I find myself saying “I didn’t think he/she was right for you in the first place.” Don’t be afraid…give them the book. Let them read and make wise and clear decisions for themselves BEFORE marriage. This is a GREAT book! I highly recommend it!

And this one:

Honestly I’m wary of these types of books, although I went into this one really hopeful and I was not disappointed. In fact, my expectations were exceeded. I am a single in her 30’s and I always feel like these books are geared towards the late teen, early 20 set, not this book. This book looks to varying ages and stages of the single. Dating single, covered. Single single, covered. Older single, covered. Young single, covered. Divorced single, your covered too.
The tips are broken into ten sections. Each tip comes with points to consider which I greatly appreciated. I was just left with “Pray for your future spouse”, I was also given pray that we meet each other, pray that the timing is right (which I had never considered before), along with some others to enhance this tip. I don’t want to give everything away πŸ™‚
The book wasn’t all a list of do’s, there were also don’ts as well as questions to ask yourself honestly at different steps in your relationship or single journey. Things to seriously consider and to look out for. There is a resource section at the back of the book should anything in the book jump out at you as needing to be looked into further. This is a great book, get it!!!
If you have teenagers in the dating stage of life then this is a great book to have in your arsenal to guide honest conversations as they learn to navigate and make decisions for themselves.
I received this book free from NetGalley and Ave Maria Press free for my honest opinion.

So, blog friends, if you know someone looking for the right person and wanting to do things the right way, to have the best chance at a successful marriage, this is the book for them. And if you’re a parent concerned about the future decisions your children will make, take the advice of the first reviewer and start studying up now.

How many of you already know someone who could benefit from this book?

How many wish they’d had it before getting married?

Just kidding! Don’t answer that last question. Although, on my recent radio interview I said this book was a cautionary tale of what I should’ve done. I was joking. Fortunately they laughed.

Thank you for reading to the end! Gold star!

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      • P.S. Mine’s with that editor that I believe I mentioned to you, and OMG the waiting is taking years off my life. Will she like it? Will she hate it? Will she be indifferent? Will she have loads of suggested changes? Will she have only a few? Will it take her a month to read it?! Ach!


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