So this happened…


There’s a camel farm up a twisty mountain path about an hour from us. The place offers camel rides and an exotic bird show. Who can pass that up? It’s not often one gets a chance to ride a camel around here. And so…


I mean, why not, right?


There go my other two daughters.

There were only two exotic birds. The woman was a bird trainer for the San Diego Safari Park. She put on their bird shows. We watched the toucan catch pieces of papaya she threw to him.


And the cockatiel said hello, sang, danced, and did an impression of someone watching a car race by zooming his head to the side several times as though a car had just whizzed by. It was quite darling.


Here he is taking a bow.


Then a camel was brought out. He didn’t do too much by way of a show except repeatedly taking his trainer’s cap off and dropping it on the ground, which was entertainment in itself.


Oh, yeah. And there was a baby one. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


“Looook at my luuuuscious laaashes.” That’s totally how camels talk. They’re so vain. They even think this post is about them.




There were also sheep who ate out of our hands.


And two donkeys. This might be the one that tried to bite my hand when I was feeding him. The jerk.

And now something promised to my blog buddy, Chatter Master.


No cans, because that’s gotta be illegal or something when you’re driving on the highway, which we were on the way home. And I was sorry we couldn’t find white cardboard, but it was something. I hope some people got a kick out of it.



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    • I didn’t smell anything. They also didn’t spit. The trainer said camels only learn to spit if they’re not treated well. But once they’ve developed the habit, even if they’re later treated better, they’ll still be spitters. But not smelly.


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