A new hope… for a new generation of Star Wars fans


We took to the girls to school to watch Star Wars on the classroom’s big pull down screen because if you’re going to watch Star Wars for the first time, you can’t watch it on our tiny tv at home.

All they knew of Star Wars is what the Lego movies have taught them, which, while truly entertaining, just isn’t the same.
My husband and I decided it was time, so we brought them to his classroom under false pretenses. We distracted them with kids meals from Sonic (also a first) while hubs hooked his laptop up to the projector.
They were none the wiser until the iconic music began blaring from the classroom’s speakers. They looked up from their tater tots with wide eyes. Then hubs pulled the large screen down and the magic began.

Driving home afterward, I felt I should’ve attached cans to the car and a sign saying “Just watched Star Wars for the first time!”
They loved it, of course, and their lives will never be the same. If only we could all go back and experience it again for the first time.
Does anyone else remember their first time? (Now don’t get carried away. You know what I mean.)
Our next two Sundays are earmarked for episodes V and VI. Episodes I-III will be fine on our small screen at home. Episode VII, however, may elicit another trip to school.

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    • Heck, yes! I wish I could remember my first time. Awesome that you can. 🙂 In fact, now that I think about it, why can’t I remember? That should be up there with my wedding day and children’s births! 😉


  1. I remember watch it for the first time and what an amazing film it was. When my friends and I left the theater, I recall asked, “Wow, when do you think they’ll start sell Star Wars Lego sets?”


  2. I was 17 and a senior in high school. My family went to the movies one weekend in early June, to see some science fiction thing. Maybe my parents had read about it, and knew something about it from the LA Times movie review. But I had no idea–it was just going to be an afternoon at the theater, no big deal.

    But when I walked out, I was in a daze. That opening shot! Panning down to the planet, and then the space ships flying over, guns blazing! The whole thing was wonderful!

    But what I remember even more fondly is the rest of the summer. My friends and I had graduated, and we only had a few weeks till we all headed to different colleges. So we hung out constantly. And every few days, someone would say, “Hey, let’s go see Star Wars again!” So we’d all pile into Jennifer’s old Falcon [Yes–she drove an old, beat-up-looking, Ford Falcon with a V-8 that could leave the little cool cars in the dust!!!] and we’d go up to Newport Beach to watch it on “the biggest screen west of the Mississippi”. TEN TIMES we saw that movie that summer. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


      • I wish I knew what year the car was, but I know it was old. Naturally, we nicknamed it the “Millenium Falcon”. The car was run-down looking, and Jen was a fairly conservative driver. The cars behind her would get irritated as she drove the speed limit along a local small-but-main road. Then she’d get to the STEEP hill–she’d floor it and leave them in the dust! That car had POWER!

        “She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts.”


  3. I definitely remember my first time. This is going to sound so odd, but I never watched any of the Star Wars movies until I was, like, almost 30 years old. I was dating my now-hubby and he found out I had never seen them and was horrified. We had a Star Wars marathon over the course of several nights. Since then we’ve had several other Star Wars marathons, usually at my request. And when we visited the States during Christmas last year I told him all I wanted for our nine-year anniversary was for him to take me to the movie theater to see the new Star Wars movie.

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  4. When I saw Star Wars for the first time, there was only that. Star Wars. The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi were yet to come. There were no episodes. Sorry, I am showing my age.



  5. I don’t remember my first time watching Star Wars, but I remember my brother and I going to the movies and watching IV and V. At first we thought it was awesome. Then we realized the money that we could have spent elsewhere instead of watching a movie we seen a hundred times at the movies! Now I look back and think of it as quality time spent with my brother. We didn’t go back for VI, we had that one memorized. 😉

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    • Quality time with the bro–sounds like money well spent indeed. I still remember when I was young and my brother, 7 years older, took me to Sea World. Definitely a fond memory. I’m glad you have your movie memories with your brother.


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