Life with girls


It started as a run-of-the-mill laundry sorting, which led to an underwear fight, which I may or may not have taken part in. (There are no witnesses. I deny everything.)

And it somehow culminated in this lovely addition to my wall candle decoration.

J 004

I swear I took no part in this.

In other news, my six-year-old said, “I can’t believe Lucy doesn’t like tomatoes. Seriously! Right, mom?”

Where did she learn to talk like this?

And while I’m still here, I saw a friend today and said, “You’re so beautiful. I’ll try not to hate you.” She said, “Awh, I hate you too.”

šŸ™‚ I love my friends.

Bonus story: I also saw three children of another friend while out and about today. (It’s been a busy day.) I later emailed my friend:

So fun seeing your kids today. They’re so good. You should be very proud.

Except for that one. I mean, what happened there?!

Hehe. Don’t worry. She’ll know I’m joking… At least I hope so.

What weird, quirky things have your children or friends done or said to you lately?

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  1. While on vacation one of my grandsons made two announcements:
    1. In a past life he had been a bird.
    2. “I am goooorgeous.”

    When my daughter in-law asked if I’d take her purse back to the car, I said, “I don’t know, it doesn’t match my shoes.” The grandson reply, “It totally matches your shoes. And your eyes.”

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  2. Those are the BEST sort of friends to have!

    With the right cropping and a couple of filters you could easily turn that into an art piece provided you hold your nose in the air while muttering about how you are highlighting both the need to bring feminism into the light while at the same time illustrating how overexposure can equally suffocate that same light.

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  3. THAT is the best kind of friend. šŸ™‚ And the underwear thing???? Back in the day when I had to go to laundromats I had to go with my sister once. I was not paying attention and the next thing I know she had hung up my bras and underwear all around the laundromat. Thought I would kill her.

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