Everyone needs a little capybara in his or her life


But first, I saw this picture on facebook and had to share it with my blog friends.


How do you writers feel about it, particularly in light of a new book showing up on Amazon every five seconds, or so I hear. How would poor Cicero have handled that?

As to kids not obeying their parents, I’d love to see what that looked like in his day. I doubt very much that he’d like to see what it looks like in our day.

And now for something happier, check out what I’ve decided is my new favorite picture ever.


From huffingtonpost.com. Sadly, this was not my backyard.

Sure, it’s not for everyone. I mean, who wants the world’s largest rodent as a pet? You’d need a big yard and a bigger shovel. And maybe you’re more of a dog person than a cat person, but as someone who grew up on Bill Peet’s books, I love capybaras. And friendship between animals, especially of different species, is always endearing.

Here are some of Peet’s illustrations with capybaras.



Even hardened criminals would find this adorable.



Poor cats. Momma has a new favorite.

How about you readers? Giant rodent for a pet? Yes, no? Stick with just the cat? Do you feel like Cicero? Do you think Cicero would have enjoyed a capybara for a pet?



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      • Today there was an animal show at the library. Got to see a cookabura and hear it laugh. I thought of you. Now THAT is an animal I wouldn’t mind having in my backyard. Your snakes and spiders I would pass on. πŸ™‚ Of course, our snakes and spiders aren’t any better. I’d be okay if all deadly snakes and spiders disappeared from all the earth’s continents.


  1. We had guinea pigs. Smaller, yes, but very cute. His name was Squiggy. He squealed every time the refrigerator door open because he expected vegetables. I could take him if he was trainable to use the doggy door. I’m too lazy for litter boxes or walks three times a day.

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    • It would need to be a wide doggy door! Maybe one of those half doors instead, that he could hopefully then just push open. Squiggy is a very cute name for a guinea pig. And I love that he squealed for veggies. If only children did that. Well, they do squeal, but for a very different reason!

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  2. Yeah, I am going to pass on that one too. After the whole squirrel in the attic fiasco of 2008, combined with the revenge of the mouse 2016, I’m a little off rodents right now.


  3. I love the Cicero meme. It has never been truer. And I am a Bill Pete fan, but never have seen or heard of Capybaras. Kinda cute though. I guess I always went for his train-themed books like Smokey & The Caboose who got Loose.


    • Ah, the Caboose who got loose. That silly caboose! Peet had a lot of great books. My sister and I checked them out from our library repeatedly. Fond memories. I’m sure they made our parents happy too, because they kept us occupied.

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  4. Yes, everyone these days IS writing a book! (And may I be so bold to say, that some of these “books” should never have ended up in print! But then, again, what do I know? I’d like to publish myself some day!!) πŸ˜‰ Cute piece! (I wondered if you’d publish anything, lately….I didn’t see you on my WP “list”….)

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    • Ironically, I say no to a cat because it would eat our hamster! We should have a pet exchange program. Too bad we don’t live closer. πŸ™‚ And, no, the cats certainly wouldn’t eat the capybara. Ha! What a sight it would be to see them try!

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      • Lol! Oh, my! Thanks for making me laugh!

        I actually thought about getting my kids a Gecko lizard. How fun would that be! And then I remembered we had a Gecko in the house one time and our cats wouldn’t stop hunting it until Hubby finally caught it and put it outside.


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