“There must be more than this provincial liiiiiiiife!”


When I saw this library ladder I immediately put it on my mental bucket list and then crossed it off. Climbing one of these would have been on it already if I had only thought of it. One woman even walked by and said, “It’s Belle!” Precisely. Now I have lived! If only I had a house with a library like this… and a lovely fainting couch to lounge on… and a smoking jacket, which is really just a rich man’s slanket.


Speaking of books, I have an upcoming interview with one of my favorite authors, Christopher Healy of the Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom series, so stay tuned!



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  1. Now that you mention it, I want to ride one of those now too!
    And WOW on the Hero’s interview! How exciting. I wait with bated breath. Bated with cheesecake, not worms. Just so you know.


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