Dust Must Plus


I’ve come up with a new rule of life: If you can see the dust, you should endeavor to remove the dust. This is why I now dust in the dark.

So get this: There’s this light cover for the ceiling fan that came with the house. It’s yellow/orange with three brown streaks. Very rustic looking. Kind of cool. However, it blocks so much of the light from the bulb that we just leave the cover off and let the bulb be exposed.

In my crazy cleaning/dusting kick, I decided to dust out the inside of the light cover that’s just been sitting above the tv. When I did, I noticed it was kind of … greasy? So I got a wet soapy rag and cleaned it out. Turns out the yellow/orange/brown was NOT this fixture’s original color.

It’s actually CLEAR with WHITE swirls! Holy cow! It looks like an entirely new bulb cover. If only we’d discovered this sooner. If only I’d tried to clean it sooner. #Housewifefail. (Though part of me blames the previous owner too.)

May 086

Sorry it’s a little blurry, but see what I mean? White! If you look closely you can even see my fingers through it. And if you listen closely you can hear the ghosts of dustings past whose souls are trapped in those white swirls.

And all the while, Husband and I were wondering why on earth anyone would make a light cover in such a dark color! Too bad I don’t have a before picture, but how was I to know?

P.S. My opening line was a joke. That should be obvious, but just in case. As was the ghosts of dustings past. Again, obvious, but you can just never be too sure these days.

P.P.S. Anyone get the reference in my subject for this post? Bonus points if you do!

Any crazy dusting discoveries you’ve made? Like that you actually had an entire couch hiding in your living room? Do you even dust at all? And do floor boards really need to be dusted, amiright?

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  1. It’s certainly like that with windows.and other transparent items that gradually endusten themselves, and sometimes with opaque surfaces. Sometimes if the light hits it from certain angles relative to my viewing angle, the dirt is revealed; otherwise I don’t notice unless I partially clean it, revealing streaks. It looked cleaner before I started to, or attempted to, clean it. Sometimes I like the lighter color of the dusty carpet better than after vacuuming!

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  2. Like for instance, I’m reading this thru a dusty laptop computer screen that, even worse than CRTs, will look worse after most of my attempts to clean it. The CRTs attract dust via static electricity, but at least they’re hard surfaced; this is a softer viewing surface that presents more of a problem to clean.


  3. My motto is: “If you can see dust, it’s time to fire the cleaning service.” I started to read the opening and wanted to finish it, “If you can see dust, you’re too close.” But, normally I say that about snow.

    My second thought was, “If you can see dust, it’s time to move.”

    I remember just after I bought my house, I hired a carpet cleaner to clean my light brown rug. After a few minutes, he told me, “Sir, I think this carpet is really a nice beige.” I replaced the carpets the next week.

    I did find a few nails the last time I dusted – wait, that was in the shop, sorry.

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  4. I had to stop by when I saw this picture, because I had to tell you what my eyes first saw: a breast implant. Oh dear, I’ve definitely been in the medical world too long when a light cover looks like an implant. As I told you before, I think there’s no hope for me…

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    • I doubt it would be embarrassing to me. My husband and I sometimes look around at the floor and the desks/tables/mantle and say, “It’s time to have people over again.” That’s our best motivation to dust and vacuum! 🙂

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  5. Ha Ha Ha. I had a client once that thought she had black grout in her bathroom until she spilled a bottle of bleach and discovered her grout was white. All the years she had lived in that house she had no idea. So she was on a mission to clean all the grout and the light fixtures. The difference was amazing. That is when she called me once the light shined thru.

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