My crafty five-year-old


I walked into the kitchen and found the milk jug sitting on the table with the lid off (the jug not the table). Since it was right in front of my five-year-old, who was currently enjoying a bowl of cereal, it was easy to spot the culprit.

Instead of just asking her to put it away, my first instinct was incredulity, so I said, “Why is the milk sitting on the table with the lid off?”

The crafty one said, with no hesitation, “It’s getting fresh air.”


Just let me breath, man. (read in a hippie voice)

I basked in her brilliance for two seconds before I said, “Great, now put the lid on and put it back in the fridge.”

Another time she picked up a foreign fruit to this household: a grapefruit and said, “How do you open this thing?!”

She’s such a treasure.


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  1. It’s wonderful you keep this blog, because it’ll be so much fun for you all to look back on. Immortalizing your children’s hilarious quips for all time. Or at least until WordPress dissolves. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Oh dear. I sure hope we get some sort of warning before that happens!
      BTW, I didn’t comment on your latest post–that interview you did, but I wanted to say, Congratulations on that! How exciting, and what great advertising for you! Also was surprised by how your writing methods differ from Stephen King’s, having just finished On Writing. He’s more a seat of your pants type of guy, which made me feel better about myself since that’s pretty much how I operate, too. But then, I’m right-brained.


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