As heard in a fourth grade classroom, part 1

These were submitted to me by a fourth grade teacher friend of mine. Don’t worry. There’s more where these came from.
So proud of having hung our school American flag, one of my students points it out to me:
Girl: Look at the American flag! I hung it… Doesn’t it look good?
Me: Wow!! You did a beautiful job. Looks great!
Girl: Thanks… I know. I do good things, and I look good doing ’em.

A kindergartner was being tested as to how high she could accurately count. Having a sort of lisp, her 30s counting went like this: “… twenty-nine. Firty! Firty-one, firty-two, firty-free, firty-four, firty-five…” Once she got to forties, however, she gets an enlightened look on her face an exclaims: “Wow!! The forties sound almost exactly like the firties!”
As we were watching a movie on volcanoes in class, the narrator on the video was talking about a volcano that erupted in 1779. One of my girls smiled and excitedly whispered to me, “Hey! That was the year my mom was born!!”


This is how the earth reacted when that girl’s mother was born.

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  1. Those are funny, although I felt bad laughing at the second one about the girl with the lisp! The first one with the flag reminded me of my daughter, not exactly the same, but same self-assuredness! On her fourth birthday she was given a pink sparkly talking vanity mirror, she got it out of the box, looked at herself in the mirror, pressed the button, and it lit up and a voice said “You are a beautiful princess”, and very slowly and deliberately as if the revelation had just hit her, she said “Yes, you’re right, I am!” (Incidentally, couldn’t we all do with a mirror like that).


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