My sister-in-law told me this story:

One of her sons really liked a certain pair of socks with palm trees on them, so she got them for him for Christmas. Little did she know, until the package was removed and the socks were unfolded, that they weren’t adorned with palm trees at all.

It was an older son who pointed out, “Uh, Mom. That’s pot.”

In her defense, the tops of the plants do bear some resemblance.




Palm trees

Perhaps the use of marijuana makes you feel like you’re in the second picture. I wouldn’t know.

Have any of you ever made a disastrous purchase for a child? Did  you ever buy something that was quite different from what you were expecting? If so, do tell!

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  1. The one that comes to mind for me, isn’t a purchase I did, as I am a perfect grandparent, but rather someone I shouldn’t name on the internet. One day she decide to get a video for the family to watch. Some thing that would be enjoyed by adults and children between the ages of 5 and 11. So into the DVD player went a nature film about bears. Title, “Grizzly Man.”

    Yes, the film put together from footage about the guy killed by a grizzly bear while trying to film them. It went into great detail how the man died and how dangerous bears are. Some of the graphic footage was nice too.

    And now, 7 years later, some of the children still ask me where the bears are when we go camping.

    Well, I figure it will give them something to talk about during therapy sessions when they grow up.

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  2. I had the reverse experience the time Daddy ordered for my sister at a restaurant a featured cocktail that, in contradiction to my “helpful” correction, he insisted had no liquor in it. It was years later before I realized he’d done that deliberately to introduce her to liquor.


      • She wasn’t old enough to BUY liquor legally, but NY had no law regarding how old you had to be to DRINK it. If a parent ordered it for you, it was legal. I think she was about 15.


      • You mean the law? Actually pretty common. People refer to there being a legal “drinking age”, but in most cases there wasn’t one. What most states did was legislate regarding the sale or giving of liquor to children by non-household members. The law did not intend to intrude on matters within the family. Same thing w.r.t. controlled substances; once they’re obtained legally for a person or animal in a household to use, anyone in that household is allowed to possess them — and there’s no law regarding consumption per se, just possession. Some states did distinguish between mere possession & inhalation of gases to get high.

        If you mean my father, even for a while after I’d realized he’d done it deliberately I thought he was doing something stupid, but since then I came to realize the wisdom in it. How better to learn how to drink than from one’s folks? Daddy was a doctor, but as strongly as he was opposed to smoking, he considered over-consumption of liquor to be worse. But he did think people should learn how to drink, whether they would remain drinkers or not.


  3. Talk about a parenting mishap!! lol That was a great story for the memory book!! When Inion was in High School, her Nana bought her a T-shirt that she was sure I wouldn’t let her wear. Of course Inion wore it the next day with a hoody zipped over it. I told her at the breakfast table. It’s going to be 98 degrees today. Take it off. When she kept silent & kept it on, I told her. “Okay, take off the jacket and let me see what you’re wearing.” She slowly unzipped as I read the white lettering on the black T. “I’D HAVE BRAD PITTS BABY.” Six years later Inion was twenty years old & able to wear what she wanted. So she added a new T-shirt to her collection. A white T with two pics. Jennifer Aniston & Kristen Stewart. Underneath the words: The Idiots Club ~ Of course this is referring to the fact that Aniston lost Pitt & Stewart lost Pattinson.

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  4. That’s funny! This reminds me of a few years ago when my Dad got my daughter a birthday card, I think she was 8 or 9, and my Dad had totally missed that there was a sexual innuendo in the joke of the card, I can’t remember what it was now, but there was a cartoon drawing of an animal, and it was something where if you read it one way it was just cute, but there was a double meaning that my Dad had totally missed! I was like “Um…Dad, this isn’t really appropriate!” He was mortified when he realised what he’d done! Thankfully my daughter was too young to get the double meaning either! We did laugh though.


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