Music Appreciation 101


Remember that song from the 90s called “Hunger Strike” by Temple of the Dog? The band was a project of the members of Soundgarden and Pearl Jam? (Yes, I know my inner grunge is showing.) Here’s the obligatory video that you probably won’t watch, but maybe you can hit play and listen for a bit to get the gist, if it isn’t obvious from the title.

So this was playing the other day and my ten-year-old daughter commented, “This guy sounds really hungry.”

Her smart genes are inherited, thank you very much!

Next it was this song, another 90s hit, “What’s up?” by 4 Non Blondes in which the singer repeatedly asks, “What’s going on?”

Again, here’s the obligatory video link:

To this song my daughter quipped, “She really doesn’t know what’s going on, does she? She must not watch the news.”

Because there’s just no end to her genius and spunk, here’s one more story, non-music related, however.

The other night my husband grilled hot dogs and arranged them on the plate like a pyramid, though it was really more of a ziggurat as some nerd (it may have been me) pointed out.

After dinner, only three lowly hot dogs remained. My daughter said, “That’s all that’s left of the ziggurat? That probably made the Aztecs unhappy.”

And before somebody gets super nerdy, yes, I know the ziggurat was primarily an ancient Babylonian structure, but the Aztec pyramids were very similar. (Okay, so I googled to be sure.)

What’s your favorite song? Do you even know what grunge is? Do you know what’s going on? Are you hungry? Would you like a hot dog?

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  1. I am hungry, I do love hot dogs, but I generally lost track of music scene in the late 80’s when my musical tastes shifted to signing 19th century sea shanties…

    That’s kind of like grunge, except done while pulling on heavy ropes or throwing people overboard.


  2. What the heck is a ziggurat? I never heard of it, Mayan, Babylonian or otherwise? And how did your daughter get to be so smart then? Grunge was the death of metal I think…BUY my favorite grunge song might be the Man In the Box. I liked several of those early, groundbreaking grunge songs. I am always hungry. do you have a donut instead?


  3. I would like a hotdog, nonhumandna variety please.

    I never did really know what grunge was….but I am letting these play while I’m doing blog comments. So I may be distracted.

    By the way, I am enjoying “What’s Up”, and I love the nerd talk. Even if I don’t understand it on the level you do. I love the humor of it. 🙂 I get that much!


  4. Oh my god I love her response to 4 Non Blonds hahahaha! That’s one of those go-to karaoke songs precisely because you just repeat the same thing over and over lol. Love it.


  5. I love the idea of a hot dog ziggurat, I can do that with hot chips (but they don’t last long). I love Four Non Blondes ‘What’s Up?’ – was one of my favourite 90’s classics 😀


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