You know how people have different ways of expressing that they didn’t hear something you said? There’s the classic, “What?” the “Pardon?” and the “Come again?”

Apparently in Texas they have their own expression for this situation.

I was in the Dallas airport, ordering food, and the woman taking my order said something I didn’t understand. This resulted in an overly lengthy, somewhat comedic exchange.

I said, “What?”

She said her thing again.

I still didn’t catch it. Whatever she said made no sense in my brain. And her bit of accent wasn’t helping either of us. I was forced to say, yet again, “What?”

Finally she repeated her original question: “Do you want any sauces?”

I answered her again, and she finally seemed satisfied with my response.

Is ranch called something else in Texas? I should think that of all the 50 states, “ranch” would be most easily understood here.

It wasn’t until I stepped away from the counter that my brain deciphered what she’d said. It was: “What happened?”

Really? When you don’t know what someone said, you say, “What happened?”

Okay. That’s definitely a new one.

In other news, Middle Child received a key chain as a prize for the library summer reading program. After the library we went to the ever-busy Costco where she keep speaking loudly about “her hooker.” As in, “Where’s my hooker? Have you seen my hooker? Did I lose my hooker?!”

We kept trying to encourage her to 1) keep her voice down, and 2) call it something else for Heaven’s sake!

July 2015 038

My daughter’s hooker. Isn’t she nice looking? And she sure came cheap.

What do you say when you don’t understand someone? Do you like ranch dipping sauce, or are you more of honey mustard kind of person? If you have any experience with hookers, please, do NOT tell me. (Great, what kind of searches are going to bring up my blog now?)

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  1. 1) I tend to go with “pardon” or “come again?” 2) It depends on what I am eating. Ranch for veggies. Honey mustard for chicken. 3) Well there was this one time… oh sorry, I guess I should have read through the entire request before answering.


  2. I’ve not heard β€œWhat happened?” used that way. That would throw me off too. I’m more of a ‘pardon me?’ kind of gal in a more formal setting, and a ‘what was that?’ in a more casual setting.

    But I don’t usually go around talking about ‘my hooker.’ πŸ˜‰


  3. I usually say “excuse me?” – and don’t worry about the hooker thing, I actually know someone who proudly calls herself the “happy hooker” and yes she knits and crochets!! lol


  4. Haha, funny, both stories. My ex’s parents who were quite old were both hard of hearing, so they would be forever asking people to repeat things, but it was always hilarious just listening to the two of them together. It would be like this:

    “I’m going out back”
    “I’m going out back”
    “I’m going out back”
    “You’re going out back?”


  5. I’m a ‘what’ person. I used to say ‘huh?’ when I was younger but my mother sternly talked me out of that one πŸ˜€ I love your daughter’s hooker, but I’d be telling her to keep it down in public as well πŸ˜‰


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