Something only a daughter could say


I walked into the bathroom while my daughter was finishing up on the toilet. She said with a smile, “I wiped my back butt. Now I’m going to wipe my front butt.”

I just said, “Okay, honey, great.” How does one respond to that? I mean, besides with laughter?

Along that vein, here are two lines from the PIF vault, a post from 2012 titled, “How to tell you have two boys and a girl.”

One, your daughter says to you, β€œI just got hit in the nuts.”

And two, you catch your daughter attempting to pee standing up.

How about y’all? Any bizarre things your kids have said? Sorry, you don’t have that much time. How about that they’ve said lately?

Also, I may have reported recently that 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage is now in Polish(!!!!!) but I didn’t post a picture of the super cute cover. So here it is! Dun duh duh!

I plugged it into google translate and it says "Happy Marriage."

I plugged it into google translate and it says “Happy Marriage.”

Also, a friend recently found the India version in a bookstore in Kenya! That means it’s in four continents, that we know of. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was also in Australia. Hey Aussie readers, keep an eye out for it, would ya?

I guess since I’ve already wandered into the promotion realm, I might as well point out that the book makes for a great wedding present! Tuck it into the gift bag, why don’t ya? If you’d like a personalized, autographed copy (as a wedding gift or for yourself), let me know!

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  1. It’s so cool your book has been translated to other languages. Well done!

    As for things my teen sons say, they finally seem to have let go of the poo jokes. Now they spend most of their time mocking me. Hmm, maybe I want to go back to the scatological humor…


  2. Oh wow, I can’t think of anything to say in response to that statement either! And congratulations on the multiplying multilingual editions of your bookβ€”that is so cool!


  3. Big Congrats on your book! So happy for you. I’m trying to think of a silly daughter saying but they are all starting to make sense now. The only thing that comes to mind is the word ‘Cleverable’. Don’t know if that’s a noun, adj. verb or what?


  4. My daughter lumped the whole thing together. It was all her butt, vagina, butt, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she thought her legs were some kind of butt as well. Then she went through a phase where she thought her vagina was just a very very small penis, although I think J was responsible for that little gem.


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