Forget I asked


A friend in Florida texted me this story:

I put on my knee-length dress before realizing I hadn’t shaved my legs. It was far too hot to wear hose, so I asked my young daughter if she could see the short prickly hairs, hoping I could get away without shaving.

She said, “Yes, Mommy, but they match your dress, so they look nice!”

And here’s one for all you Chef Gordon Ramsay fans:

You know your daughter watches a lot of Master Chef when, after
hearing the gospel of Jesus feeding the five thousand she says, “Do
you think before he had his disciples pass out the food he said,
‘Service, please’?”

He's giving thumbs up to my daughter's great joke.

He’s giving thumbs up to my daughter’s great joke.

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  1. Cute post! I have been wondering if the fish the Disciples passed around was cooked first or were there thousands of tiny fires there on the hillside. ….or did they eat raw fish back in Jesus day?….


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