Lettuce eat


(I know it’s cheesy, but I couldn’t resist.)

One night we were having tacos for dinner, but I didn’t have any lettuce. It’s a bummer to have tacos with no lettuce in my book.

When I heard my husband come home from work, I called out, “Did you happen to bring home any lettuce?”

You know, the leafy green stuff? Yeah, this.

You know, the leafy green stuff? Yeah, this.

It was truly the most random question.

When I walked over to him, I expected to find him confused, ala, “Uh-oh, did she ask me to pick up lettuce on the way home? I don’t remember that.”

Instead he was shocked. “What made you think to ask that?”

“I knew it was a long shot, but we don’t have any lettuce for our tacos.”

Then he reached into his bag and pulled out a container of shredded lettuce.

Now I was the one who was shocked. He explained that when he ordered a burrito for lunch, the restaurant had forgotten to include the lettuce. They gave it to him after the fact in a separate container. He hadn’t bothered to put it in his burrito, however, so he brought it home.

It was the craziest thing, and more proof that he and I are cosmically connected.


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  1. I remember that. I was going to surprise you with it…and you went and asked if I brought any home. Shock and amazement. It is so hard to surprise you! 😉


  2. It’s destiny! 😀
    Also – guess what?! I came back to wordpress.com. It’s like taking off my Spanx and putting on my favorite yoga pants. Best. Decision. Ever! Extra bonus… it’s once again super easy to visit your page and like and comment! Happy days!


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