Being deflated by a four-year-old


Getting dressed in the morning in my home doesn’t always happen. The rule is, you must be dressed by lunch, and if the kids are okay with a late lunch then….

Not being a great role model in this regard–I mean, why bother taking off the clothes you’ll just be putting back on in a few hours, am I right?–I tried one day to be better.

“Let’s see who can get dressed first!” I called to my girls enthusiastically.

“I’m halfway there!” I soon announced from my room.

“One more arm hole to go!”

Then, triumphantly, I stood in their bedroom doorway, arms raised, announcing, “I win!”

My half-dressed youngest said disdainfully, “It’s not a competition, Mom.”

I just can’t win even when I do win!

What bad habits are you woefully instilling in your children? Please tell me I’m not alone.


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  1. I tend to have a sarcastic sense of humor, and when I see my kids do the same, I cringe. “Did I give that to them or does it come naturally?” I wonder. Sarcasm can be funny, but I have to remind them not everyone would find certain statements funny. Hopefully they’ll be able to tell the difference. But on the plus side, I’m always dressed early…

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    • I actually got dressed as soon as I got up this morning. I was very proud of myself. Usually I have to wait until I’m warm enough before I’ll consider disrobing even if to “rerobe.” I tend to be a bit sarcastic at times with the girls. Often it’s to make fun by mocking their whining. I know that sounds awful, but it makes them laugh and stop whining!


  2. It’s funny when kids suddenly make you feel like you’re the kid. The other week I was helping my daughter (16) with her German homework, she had to memorise some phrases. There was one German word that sounded like, erm, a man’s body part, and every time she said it I kept giggling! I couldn’t help it, hehe, and she kept getting really irritated with me saying “for goodness sakes grow up!”


  3. Stickers! We have a weekly chart and those that get dressed on time, brush their hair and their teeth get a sticker for that morning. Stickers are currency to our kids. We also have the rainbow colored Clip Up chart, where they clip up for doing a good deed and down for bad behavior, which has made our girls competitive too! So you are not alone.


  4. Well my kids are all grown, but when they were little, I often let them go all day in their pj’s if we were not going out. Guess my youngest learned that lesson well because she and her family brought supper to my husband and I last night – and my 4 year old granddaughter was still in her pj’s with socks that did not match. My daughter’s response – “She wanted to be comfortable.” Why not be comfortable?


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