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Hey, you're a Phil, too?

Hey, you’re a Phil, too?

We had friends over for a game night recently. One of our guests was Phil. He relayed a story of having met the San Diego Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers… for the second time. You see, he had met this preeminently famous San Diegan once before and, on the second meeting, forgot. his. name. Mind you, this friend’s name is Phil. The quarterback’s name is Phil-ip. You’d think that would be memorable to a Phil, right? But not only, on his second meeting, did he ASK PHILIP RIVERS HIS NAME!!!!! But then he asked, “So, what do you do for a living?”


What did you just ask me?

Bahaha! I can only hope Philip Rivers found it refreshing to be unknown by someone around here.

Phil (not Rivers) also had this story to share: (the guy’s a real trooper.) He would frequently sing to his daughter at bedtime. One night he asked her if she’d like a song. She declined. He inquired why. (Rookie mistake.)

She responded, “Because when you sing, it makes God sad.”

Have your kids ever insulted you? What am I saying? Of course they have! Please, do share. And btw, please no cracks about Philip Rivers’ football skills. He’s a good guy. Be nice.

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  1. Two great stories, and two in which I could sadly find myself. Have my kids insulted me (in a teasing way, of course)? That would be a definite yes, though of course I can’t think of a specific example now. But the term “oldy moldy” sure seems to come up a lot…


  2. Too funny! I could see my Princess in the first story and the singing one I was subjected to when I was in 6th grade singing “100 bottles of beer on the wall” on the bus for our 6th grade field trip to NY City. My seat-mate stopped singing mid-way, looked at me and said, “Girl, you really can’t hold a tune, can ya? Please do us (and Jesus) a favor and stop singin’!” I’ve honored that request for many a year!!!! šŸ™‚


    • Ah, man. Don’t you wish we could forget those less favorable memories? I had a similar one, also in 6th grade. In music class, we were all singing and people around me turned to look at me in confusion. Later one person said, “I thought you were joking.” From then on, I just lip synced.

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  3. A. my kids like to call me both fat and crazy..
    B. As far as Phil Rivers’ talents go I am sure he is better then any of your readers, unless Tom Brady is a follower. Otherwise Phil has been consistently at the top of his position of years.


  4. My son asked me to stop singing. I asked him why? Didn’t he like mommy’s singing? I waited for the (somewhat merited) insult (unlike one of your other readers, I lack formal training). He told me it was too distracting. It made him want to dance and he didn’t really feel like dancing right then. My boy has figured out tact!


  5. I’m sorry, who are you again?

    My sister used to work in a gift shop at a theme park here in England, and one day Melanie Griffith came in, my sister didn’t recognise her, and while serving her, asked her something…which I can’t remember what it was now, but it was something that made it obvious that my sister didn’t know who she was! (I’m pretty sure this was a hilarious story, if only I could remember it).

    My kids insult me all the time, now that they’re teens they usually do it in jest, but the funnier ones really are when they’re little and say it innocently aren’t they! One that I remember is when my daughter was about 8, and there was a commercial on TV for some kind of anti-ageing cream, and she said “Ooh look, you could do with some of that Mum!”.


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