I wish I could take credit for this genius remark


Last Friday I received a package in the mail from the publisher of the book I co-authored, 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage. It was two copies of the book but with a completely different look. Bewildered, I read the accompanying letter and discovered that Pauline Publications India was republishing our book!

I was floored! I immediately picked up my phone to call Jennifer, my co-author. As I was about to push the button for her number, she called me. I answered, “I was just dialing your number!” (How long before that statement makes no sense any more?)

“Did you get your mail today?” she asked.

“That’s what I was going to say to you!”

We did our own respective happy dances. Mine involved jumping on various pieces of furniture. I would imagine her response was more sedate and stately. (Fine, I didn’t jump on any furniture. I probably did a bit of hopping up and down, though.) We could hardly believe it. We’d gone international!

Here comes the funny part. I posted a note about it on facebook: “101 Tips is being reprinted for ‘India and surrounding countries!’ Holy cow!”

Do you get it? “Holy cow!” Sadly, someone else pointed out my exquisite pun. I’m just going to pretend it was my subliminal genius poking out.

So, does anyone reading this live in Mumbai? If so, grab your copy here!


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    • LOL! The books are selling in India for 100 rupees. That’s the equivalent of $1.62. I get a 5% net commission, so after a year of sales, I may be able to afford a small coffee at Dunkin Donuts–to put it in a language you understand. 😉


      • Well, it’s in English, not Mandarin, but who knows? I guess there are plenty of Chinese who read English. I must say I have no interest in doing a book tour in Asia. And this is not the sort of book one tours over. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but the harsh reality is, it’s not a best seller. (But if I was asked, for some reason, to go to Russia, that could be cool. So long as it was in the summer!)

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