Time has no meaning here


Which is why I bring you another extremely late story.

What is it? Almost February? Who’s writing this post? She needs to get with it!

Christmas morning, we were driving home from church, and I thought back to the previous Christmas when I attempted a post-Mass Starbucks run. A car ahead of us had the same idea, but, making the discovery that Starbucks was closed, the driver turned around and made eye contact as she passed, giving us a head shake and a frown. I thought that was so cute and sweet of her. We were united in our disappointment.

Remembering that incident, I sat despondently in my seat on the drive home this Christmas. I longed for a warm, tasty beverage. “I wish I hadn’t recently drunk the last of my candy cane green tea,” I said sadly to my husband. I should have saved the last tea bag for today.

He merely nodded.

This stuff is so good that when I drain the mug, I suck on the bag. What? I don't have a problem. Quit judging me.

This stuff is so good that when I drain the mug, I suck on the bag. What? I don’t have a problem. Quit judging me!

Flash back to Christmas Eve when I awoke to find my husband  gone. When he returned he mumbled something about buying a last minute gift for me.

You guessed it. After church, as we gathered around the Christmas tree to unwrap presents, my husband handed me a small, light-weight box. I knew immediately what it was and smiled. It was divinely inspired, I tell you! I don’t think he even knew I’d run out of my favorite tea, yet he replenished my supply anyway.

We are a match made in Heaven.

And now, a shameless plug for my cousin, Jack Heckel’s, recent books: Once Upon a Rhyme and Never Happily After (volume 1 and 2 of The Charming Tales). If you like fairy tale remixes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these, published through Harper Collins e-books. Check ’em out!


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  1. I would have been heartbroken that Starbucks was closed when I was Jonesing for a caramel mach! But seriously though, you have a sweet husband for getting you that thoughtful gift! He is a keeper for sure!


  2. Awwww… Tea for Christmas. You have disappointed the Lexus company something fierce. Did you know that a car bow costs 500 dollars? Although, if you’re buying someone a car for Christmas, you can probably afford a 500 dollar bow. I still don’t get those commercials. Who buys a car for Christmas?
    Sorry… tangent. I do feel your pain at the closed Starbucks. Sometimes you just need a tasty beverage. I need one right now, but I think I’m going with the Keureg. Too lazy to go out.


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