I was never very good at math


As the expression goes, when it rains it pours, which is ironic considering we’re in a severe drought and heat wave here in So Cal.

Anyhow, it’s like our house is falling apart. Last week there was an electrician and an AC guy here. Yesterday I had a linoleum guy come a-calling. Today was a banner day–a plumber and two more AC guys.

I commented to my husband that I had gentlemen callers in and out of here all day like I’m running a brothel. Then I pointed out that in a day or two the linoleum guy and the plumber would be back for a second round.

I tried to put on my best “seductive” pose, (I use that term very loosely–ah, pun!) but it backfired.

My husband said, “Well you’re not doing this right because you keep paying them!”


Here’s a bonus story for you:

When I called the plumber we used once before, I tried to get him to remember us based on what work he did here. It wasn’t ringing a bell, however. I said, “That’s okay. It was like a year ago, and you’ve had tons of clients.”

Then he asked what the address was. When I gave it to him he said, “I remember you! Yes! I know EXACTLY who you are!”

Oh dear. Not really the kind of reaction one hopes to get from their plumber!


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    • We had a burst pipe last year. It was a mess. This year it’s a leaking toilet that needs a new flange. So, do let your boys know that this time it does indeed involve a toilet, just not in the plunger way. How disappointing, I know.


  1. Haha, funny! Reminds me of the garage I use to have my car fixed, whenever I phone them, as soon as I identify myself, they always say “Ah yes!” and then laugh heartily, and I always think “What?!” I think it’s because I always end up doing or saying stupid things whenever I’m there in a backfiring attempt at trying to not appear like a silly woman who knows nothing about cars!


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