I could teach those ancients a thing or two


My seven-year-old was learning how the Romans borrowed the concept of the gods from the Greeks, but had changed the gods’ names. She noticed that many of them shared their names with planets.

My nine-year-old then ticked off the planet gods in order from the sun and even stated their Greek counterparts (because she’s a total nerd). Then she made an observation.

“Why wasn’t there a Roman god named after Uranus?” she asked. I said something about them just not using that one, or something, because I had no good answer and because I was trying not to laugh.

When I relayed this to my husband later that night, he said,  “Did you tell her, ‘Because none of the gods were cool enough’?”

*Okay, so there is a Greek god Uranus, rather than a Roman one. Odd. I guess the Romans didn’t want to touch that.

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