We don’t talk to friends in this house


Seeing that a friend had a “No Soliciting” sign on her door, I decided to get one of my own, as I get knocks far too frequently for my liking. I am almost never presentable, (See “Mommy goes out on the town, before and after“) which makes these regrettable encounters all the worse, for the other person.

So even though I had the sign, it wasn’t yet up in the window of the door when some gentleman, probably from a solar panel company who was “doing work on others houses in my neighborhood,” as they always somehow seem to be, showed up.

Before I even let him speak I said, “We really don’t need anything. I don’t want to waste your time, but thank you.”

Can you believe he actually gave a smile, nodded, and said, “Thank you”? He seemed genuinely pleased to have avoided wasting his rote sales pitch at yet another house. Or perhaps he was just relieved not to have to look at me for a moment longer. Either way, feel free to use that one, folks!

Once the door was closed again, which happened in record time, my oldest came running to see who it had been. I told her it was just another salesman.

Then she asked, “Didn’t you have up your ‘No Socializing’ sign?”

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    • That is actually what I do when I’m not sitting at my desk. Any other part of the house, I can hide. But my desk, where I spend most of my time, is next to a window with sheer curtains near the door, so it’s a little tougher. I have toyed with the idea of pretending to be deaf, though, honestly! But I’ve never been brave enough to just ignore them even when I’m in full view of them. I just give them the quick brush off instead, which seems to work okay.
      BTW, started your book and couldn’t put it down until I was into chapter 6 and HAD to stop. I wish I had more time to read! Made me so mad that Mr. Lamb shook that little boy’s hand on the plane. For real?! What an idiot! Being a parent of young children makes me all the more sensitive and irritable on that point. 🙂


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