I am my biggest fan


My husband could attest to just how obnoxious I can be when I’m full of my own cleverness. I tell you, no one can laugh at my jokes the way I can. I had a real doozy last night that I woouuuuuld share, but it would probably offend some people.

Instead, let me relay to you the opening lines of a thank you card I just constructed in response to something that happened the last weekend of July.

Dear [so-in-so],

“First of all, will you  notice the day I wrote this? [arrow pointing to the date of 7/31/14] The very day after we returned home from our epic adventure, and yet you are receiving this months later! I tell you, the postal service lately is not at all what it used to be! I’d write a letter of complaint but it would probably arrive sometime next decade!….”

You get the idea. Feel free to use it to cover your own behind when you woefully forget to properly thank someone for a kindness. The postal service makes for a great scapegoat.*

And now, because even I will admit that that was not really all THAT funny, I will share with you something that truly IS quite funny.

2 kinds of nerdsIn case you can’t read the yellow print, the top one says, “May the force be…” And the bottom reads “Equal to mass times acceleration.” Ah, good one, Charles!

*If you work for the postal service, I’m only teasing. My apologies for blaming you for my own laxity. I still love you even though you are increasingly becoming out-dated.


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  1. I can’t send anything by mail. I’m completely incapable. The last, and only thing I have sent in decades is a packett of twinkies to England, and that was mostly because I wanted to see how it is one goes about sending a packet of twinkies to England. Otherwise, the postal service and I broke up. If it can’t be sent by email, you better hope you live nearby.


  2. “no one can laugh at my jokes the way I can”—Atta girl!

    I tend to still write out thank you notes rather than email and text, but if I want the person to know my appreciation right away, I’ll send a text or email. My kids grumble when I make them write out a thank you card and mail it, and I admit, sometimes I cave and just let them text it. I’m more than happy with a text thank you from my nieces and nephews. It’s nice just to know they received my gift.


    • To be honest, the reason I felt so moved to send written thank yous (I sent others to the people we stayed with on our journey, but for some reason this particular card lagged behind.) is because I received one from a friend after hosting a “chocolate and liquor party” at my house. When it arrived in the mail, I thought, “What a classy, old-school woman to be sending me a note.” Especially since I really didn’t think one was necessary, though a couple of ladies thanked me afterward via FB, which I thought was nice. Plus, my mother had said, “Be sure you give these people a gift for letting you stay with them.” That was a bit much, I thought, so a real life thank you card I thought would be a nice middle ground. It also made me feel grown up.
      It’s about time something did.
      Well, there are those live small people running around here that at least give me the semblance of being a full-fledged adult.


  3. That snail mail, you can never trust it. I hardly ever used the mail until Bethany got deployed. I then became a God send for me. She told me it was the highlight of the day when they got mail so I started sending stuff all the time. The sad thing was I almost had to sell the farm to afford it.


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