Somebody call the contractor!


I decided to rearrange some furniture the other day, and did so without my husband, hoping to surprise him. Things went well until I realized I would indeed have to give him a heads up. This was our instant message exchange:

me: I may or may not have taken a door off its hinges and then gotten a desk stuck in a doorway. I’ll let you decide when you get home.

him: ?? seriously? better not be the front door.

[later…] me: nevermind! got it thru! i never said anything. hahaha. who was that crazy woman chatting on here before? must have been one of the kids.

I didn’t tell him about the paint I scratched off the wall while finagling the desk through the doorway. He saw it when he got home, though, as he was helping me rehang the door. I patched it. It was all worth it. And I felt totally bad butt for taking a door off its hinges. Hopefully that wasn’t a dry run for when my girls are teenagers.

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    • Yea, the getting back on part was more tricky because it needed to be propped or held up. Fortunately, I had given my husband an electric screw driver as a gift some years back. Removing the screws was a breeze.


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