A funny thing happened on our way to Buffalo


A few weeks ago we were visiting friends at their home near Buffalo, NY. There were some good lines worth sharing during those two days.

For instance, Jay, father of 5, asked  his daughter, “Are you ready for dessert?” She responded by patting her lower stomach and saying, “I have room in my basement.”

I’ve gotta remember that line.

My nine-year-old daughter was helping Jay cook scrambled eggs one morning. “Do you like cooking?” he asked her. “Yes. I have to learn how so I can move out of the house.” Suddenly startled by her own words, she added, “That was ridiculous. I don’t know why I said that!”

Good save, Kid!

Do you think she's doing it right? Perhaps I should intentionally sabotage her learning so she can never leave me!

Do you think she’s doing it right? Perhaps I should intentionally sabotage her learning so she can never leave me!

Jay and his wife, May, were kind enough to make homemade cannolis for our visit. An optional topping was crushed pistachios. May asked everyone if they would like some. Not remembering my husband’s response, and realizing he was no longer in the room, May said to me, “I asked your husband about his nuts…” then she collapsed in a fit of laughter before she could explain that she couldn’t remember whether or not he wanted the pistachios. I assured her that his nuts were just fine, and, no, he didn’t need any more.

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  1. Haha funny! There’s a show on TV here which is a cooking contest show called “The Great British Bake Off” It’s one of my favourites, not least because the two presenters are very funny and there are always innuendos, last night’s episode included ones about nuts!

    I like the scrambled egg one, that’s sweet. Completely different but for some reason it reminded me of a sweet thing when my daughter was 3, I had given her cauliflower and broccoli as part of her dinner, and she ate the cauliflower but not the broccoli, and when I cleared her plate away she said “I liked the flowers but not the trees.”


  2. “I have to learn how so I can move out of the house” is what childhood is about. Not ridiculous, just maybe could add next time, “not right away, of course.”


  3. Hard to go wrong with nuts! And that moving out of the house line was precious. And now I realize that some adults I know simply never learned enough to move out of their parents’ houses!


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