Miscellaneous Silliness


Phrases you never imagined you’d ever say…and then you became a parent:

“No, do not put Jesus in your yogurt.” (from Rebecca, mother of 3)


The girls are celebrating their first day of freedom from school by freeing themselves of clothing and running throughout the house. All except the oldest, that is, who is instead admonishing her sisters to put their clothes on. She’s like the second mother I always wanted.


Meeting up with friends in a parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice one young woman’s car looked like something an old man would drive. It was one of those super long Cadillacs or Oldsmobiles. I carefully considered whether or not I knew this girl, ten years my junior, well enough to make a comment. I probably didn’t, but I simply couldn’t resist saying.

“Did your grandpa give you this car?”

“Actually, he sold it to me,” she responded.

She even named the car “Grandpa.” Evidently she was not offended.

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  2. I had to tell my son to “take Pete out of Gordon.” Gordon is the express train from Thomas & Friends, that we own as a metal die-cast toy. Pete is a part of my son’s anatomy :-/


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