Two signs of needing a change


Sign number 1–Change needed: sheets

English: flat sheets Deutsch: Bettlaken

English: flat sheets Deutsch: Bettlaken. You just learned a little German there. You’re welcome! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I changed the sheets on our bed. Admittedly, these probably don’t get changed as often as they should. The proof? When my daughter walked into the room, saw the folded sheets ready to put on the bare bed and asked, “Who peed?”

Clearly, her only experience of sheets being changed is when someone has wet the bed.

Sign number 2–Change needed: diet

Panier "bio"

Well, sure. When you pose them like that I’d eat them. Minus the flower. (Photo credit: jalb)

At Costco we tried samples of juice “made from fruits and vegetables” the person filling the cups told us cheerfully. Worth a shot, we figured. The first one was that healthy green color that in any other context would be described as unhealthy. It had a predictable kale-ish flavor. Bleh. The second cup was of a deep cherry that made me salivate just looking at that lush redness. Mmm…fruit juice, I surmised. Sadly, it tasted instead of strained beets. My four-year-old eagerly tried it also only to comment with disgust, “It tastes like PLANTS!”

I probably should be introducing more vegetables into these kids’ diets.

Go ahead, parents. Be honest. What changes do you need to make around your house or with your parenting? You’re safe here.

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  1. We’re pretty good about eating, I cook a lot, nd we eat fresh and organic. When J was little I didn’t let him have any electronic stimulus until he was two… Now, not so much. My kids can sing every catchy commercial theme song. They are especially fond of “Empire Flooring”. I’m not proud.

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    • Haha! And I’ve totally been there with the tv. It was much easier to wait until my first was two to let her view tv. But then, since she could, it was nearly impossible to keep the subsequent children away. Nor could I tell them they couldn’t when the older one could. I was relieved when the younger two turned two. Suddenly all was well in my mind, regardless of whatever damage I may have done in the first two years!


  2. potato chips and burger and fries! When my toddler doesn’t feel like eating healthier food, we give him those. My thinking is that as long as there’s something that is filling his tummy, then it’s ok. Those are my staple food as well, so I’d feel like such a hypocrite if I don’t allow him those. I should probably make him stick to a healthier diet.

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    • It’s tough when you just want your kid to eat. I know the feeling. I often have to tell myself, “We’ll do better tomorrow.” My kids got so acclimated to fast food that once when I went through a Starbucks drive thru, my three-year-old from the back seat, before I even placed my order, starting saying “French fries! French fries!” Sigh.


    • Don’t we all, brother! Just today as I was SO frustrated that my daughter had not yet finished her FIRST math problem of simply “45-10!” I started to yell. I imagined the neighbors coming over to complain. I worry about that less in the winter time when the windows are closed. 😉
      More patience, Momma! But come on, kid!


  3. I should swear less and be more patient and listen more and oh so many things I should and shouldn’t be doing…geez….can of worms. I think I will just admit I’m human, and they’re still alive and we mostly like each other so I’m going to stop beating myself up so much!

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