The homeschooling gods are smiling upon me


There are four weeks left of school. With another week of phonics looming, I grabbed the pile of my daughter’s first grade sight words.

Here is the pile: On the left is what we’ve done so far. On the right is what we have left to do.

z 006

As I picked up the smaller stack to look for next week’s words, these were the three words on top of the pile:

z 008

Thank you, homeschooling gods, for the small chuckle. I shall endure for a while longer!

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    • I do. I enjoy teaching, so even though my husband is a teacher and we could send our children to his school for free, I’d like to keep this up for as long as I’m able. I enjoy the simplicity of our days (relatively) and the bond I get to form with them and they with each other.


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