Reasons I love my girls


As many of you know, I have three daughters. They’re pretty cool most of the time. Yesterday at a party, when my middle daughter was handed an ice cream sandwich, she first passed it along to her younger sister, and then waited to receive one for herself. That’s one example. Here are a few more:

“Who wants to sweep the floor under the table?” I called out to my children. Silence. “Who wants to sweep the floor under the table and receive a jelly bean?” Small feet running. You call it bribery. I call it proper motivation. Since they all came, and there was only one broom and dust pan, they decided they would all get a turn sweeping so they could all earn a bean. They were even so clever and industrious as to decide that they would sweep in order of youngest to oldest, noting that the oldest would probably do the best job and could therefore find any crumbs the younger two missed. They were jelly beans well-deserved.

This is a picture i took for the Candy article.

I think I only gave them one each, though. Maybe two. I’m such a scrooge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My middle daughter received a princess coloring book for her birthday. Naturally the other two were quite interested, as well, and crowded around her as she perused the pages. She could have said, “Go away. This is mine.” Instead she grabbed a pencil and began labeling each page in turn with each girls’ initials, so they would each have a third of the book for coloring. This is my most difficult child when it comes to stubbornness, but she’s great about sharing, at least.

Princess in her Wedding Dress Coloring Page

Stuff like this makes my kids drool. (Photo credit: ktsaltishok)

One day I wandered back to my children’s room to find out what all the quiet was about. They were camped out on the oldest’s top bunk with a pile of fairy books next to them. She was reading them stories. They called it a “fairy picnic.” And to increase her younger sisters’ enjoyment of the experience, whenever the oldest came across the name “Benjamin,” she would replace it with the word, “frog” amidst their giggles.

Definitely love these kids.

Bonus story:

I just heard the youngest one crying. The middle one said, “Okay, I’m sorry!” (I could have done without the “okay” part.) Youngest is still crying. Middle child says, “Would you like me to kiss it?” “Uh-huh,” comes the teary response. Kissing noises. No more tears. My work here is done. And I didn’t even have to leave my chair. Sometimes these kids make me being a lazy parent all too easy.

How about you, parents? What are some things you love about your kids?




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  1. What wonderful examples of sibling love. You have to take some credit for that, too. You’ve obviously modeled and reinforced good behavior in them. Don’t those moments just warm your heart? One episode of sibling love can overshadow ten episodes of sibling fighting. Well, maybe seven. Okay five. Well, maybe three… πŸ˜‰


  2. Well I could write a whole book of things I love about my kids (as I guess we all could!), but just to pick on one thing because it’s such a sweet story, it’s the day I discovered that my son is definitely a positive thinker. He was around 2 (his sister was 5), and it started snowing at night, they were both looking out of the window excitedly hoping it would settle overnight. In the morning I looked out and the snow hadn’t settled, I thought about how they would be disappointed, but my son ran downstairs, out of the door, looked around and found this tiniest scrappiest bit of snow at the base of a wall, scooped it up into his hand, held it up to me and with a huge smile said “It’s a lucky day!” Still melts my heart to remember that moment even though it was 10 years ago!


    • Awh, that is really sweet. What a good boy! You must be so proud of him for that moment. It’s good you remember that. You may need to remind him of that sweet little boy when he gets down-trodden!


      • I know! Isn’t that awesome? Or at least that middle one is. She’s also the one who, at Christmas time says, “Now wait. Let’s watch her open her present first. We’ll take turns.” Can you believe this one is my “difficult” child? I guess they all have their strengths and weakenesses.


  3. I love my boys “chatter time” before bed. They refuse to sleep in separate rooms, but that’s another story. “Chatter Time” is like their private little brotherly time together. Time where they are not shouting or arguing or wrestling. They just make up stories and make each other laugh. Precious.


    • Oh, yes. I hear ya. My older two share a room, and though we put one to bed a bit later to try to avoid that, sometimes the younger is still awake, and so they get to do their little story time. It is totally precious–even if they’re supposed to be sleeping!


  4. When we were little my sister Linda was the biggest sharer in the family. I remember one time somebody gave her a piece of gum and she tried to split it five ways so we all have some.


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