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I told my three-year-old to wait a while before I put sour cream on her cheese quesadilla because the sour cream would melt if I put it on right away. A minute later, still waiting on her mother to give her sour cream, she complained, “I’ve been waiting a couple of whiles.”

Ever the expressive one, one daughter announced, “Lucy is walking, walking, walking. Lucy is leaving the room.” Thanks for the status updates, kid.

After a difficult day filled with “owies” and disappointments of some sort, my six-year-old stated, “It’s hard down here. I want to be up there,” indicating Heaven. That was both heart-wrenching and sweet at the same time.

And now another Tip from 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage:

Tip #95

Be gracious when your spouse apologizes to you. “Thank you for your apology. I really appreciate you saying that to me.”

Doesn’t that come off even nicer than “Apology accepted”? And especially more than “See, I told you I was right!” Get in the habit of accepting others’ defeat graciously, as well as your own!

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  1. I love the “couple of whiles”! That kind of thing really shows how kids are making sense of language, and applying rules they’ve learned in one area of language to another area. It’s like my daughter used to say “We’d better do (whatever), betten we” – you can see why she might think “betten” was a word, it kind of sounds right! The other one that used to make me laugh, if I was dishing up dinner and she was really hungry, she used to say like “Can I have too much potatoes”.


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