You know you’re at the end of a pregnancy when


A pregnant woman

Your five-year-old tells you not to sit in a chair “because you might break it.”

Thanks, honey!

~Kim, mother of 4

Kim adds, “In his defense, I *did* sit on something earlier this week, it did buckle underneath the weight, and he did witness it. So I guess his concern is not without some validity.”

Note: Kim had her baby since this incident happened, hence now being a mother of 4. Congratulations to Kim!

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  1. Even though my father was a physician, my parents kept me woefully ignorant about reproduction until late in life. When I was 3 1/2 YO and my sister was about to be born, all I knew was that they were going to the hospital to get a baby; apparently they were manufactured there, or at least had a showroom. As was the medical fashion then, Mother gained so little weight in pregnancy that I never noticed. They asked me whether I wanted a baby brother, a baby sister, or a baby dog. I thought it over and asked for a sister. Daddy said he couldn’t guarantee that’d be the kind they’d pick out, but that turned out to be what I got.


  2. Congratulations to your reader, Kim!

    Well, I’m ONE YEAR post partum with my twins and my 4yo just asked me what’s inside my belly. When I asked him why, he said because it looks big. Hmm… time to do some crunches, maybe?


    • Haha! Oh dear. This reminds me of an earlier story Kim gave me where she walked into the kitchen and the refrigerator magnets spelled “diet.” She didn’t know if it was an accident, genius children, or a cruel twist of fate trying to tell her something.


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