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Once upon a time wordpress gave me suggested tags and images while I was constructing a post. That was very helpful, particularly the images part. But some time ago, those handy options disappeared. I haven’t put a web photo in my posts for ages. I guess at some point I was thinking they would just magically appear again. I was wrong. Does anyone know how to make those come back? Please help. I’m totally not techy enough to figure this out on my own. Please take pity on me!

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  1. I read that WordPress is working on a replacement for Zemata, but I’m not sure when it’ll be up and running. Let us know how Internet Explorer works for posting. I switched to Firefox specifically because IE wasn’t working well with WordPress at all (or a number of my other sites). Hope they’ve cleaned up those problems since then so you won’t run into any!


    • The whole look of my post editing was different in explorer. And naturally, because it was different, I didn’t like it. 😉 It also got rid of a paragraph break I had, for no reason, and I wasn’t able to fix that. What I ended up doing was inserting the pictures while in explorer (though even that was more difficult than before with mozilla) but then going back to mozilla to clean the whole look of it up as best I could. It’s a totally lame way to go about it. Thanks for telling me wordpress plans to get it together again. I hope it’s soon! Thank you for your input!


    • I’m happy to have asked the question then! On a wordpress forum, someone told me zemanta is what wordpress had for us, but then they took it away. When I asked why, the guy said he didn’t know. Anyhow, I hope you have luck downloading zemanta! (And if you can get it to work with mozilla, if you use mozilla, let me know!)


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