The time I ate my kid’s popcorn, Part 2


When you last left us (weeks ago because I forgot I had this draft sitting here), I had been gorging on my daughter’s popcorn snack. Then my older daughter wanted some as well, and I graciously complied. This daughter even went so far as to suggest we save some popcorn for the next day so that the middle daughter, who was already on her way to bed, might enjoy some as well. What a thoughtful, generous child she is. I don’t know WHERE she gets it!

So Daughter #1, aged 8, helped herself to about a third of a bag, then curled up the end, and left it on the counter so her younger sister might partake anon. Then said daughter prepared herself for bed. In the meantime, feeling somewhat peckish, I sought out the lonely bag, opened it, and brought it back to the computer with me. When my oldest finished in the bathroom and came to claim her goodnight kiss, she immediately recognized the popcorn bag she thought she had safely stowed on the counter.

The silly child.

“You’re not going to eat all of it, right mom?” She asked. I simply looked at her, munch-munch-munching.

“Of course not,” I finally said. And curled the end of the bag back up… after grabbing a few more pieces. She turned and walked away, but stopped after a couple of steps to be sure I hadn’t reopened it. I just sat there watching her. She took a couple more steps before looking back again. This happened three times! The suspicion! My goodness!

So, to make her believe I was a woman of my word, I got out of my chair and proceeded to walk with the bag back to the kitchen. That satisfied her, and down the hallway she went.

Lucky for her I was full by then. If I hadn’t been, who KNOWS what would have happened with that popcorn!

Here’s a little bonus for you, to make up for the delay in hearing Part 2 of the story. I’m sure you were pining and having trouble sleeping.

Tip #48 from 101 Tips for a Happier Marriage

101 coverLearn to give way on trivial issues. Needing to win an unimportant argument is not a sign of strength. It is a sign of weakness.

If you find yourself fighting with your spouse just for the sake of being “right” or “winning,” take a second and realize what you’re trying to achieve. If you think about it, you’ll realize just how silly it is. Loving your spouse comes first. Winning comes last.

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  1. Popcorn is definitely one of those dangerous foods. The smell of it is hard to walk away from. I can eat bags of it too. I force myself to wait to start it till the movie starts or I’d finish it during the previews.


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