As heard in an elementary classroom


Submitted by Mrs. P., a fourth grade teacher, with love. 🙂

So proud of having hung our school American flag, one of my students points it out to me:
Girl: Look at the American flag! I hung it… Doesn’t it look good?
Me: Wow!! You did a beautiful job. Looks great!
Girl: Thanks… I know. I do good things, and I look good doing ’em.

Made my day: A kindergartener was being tested as to how high she could accurately count. Having a sort of lisp, her 30s counting went like this: “… twenty-nine. Firty! Firty-one, firty-two, firty-free, firty-four, firty-five…” Once she got to forties, however, she gets an enlightened look on her face an exclaims: “Wow!! The forties sound almost exactly like the firties!”

As we were watching a movie on volcanoes in class, the narrator on the video was talking about a volcano that erupted in 1779. One of my girls smiles and excitedly whispers to me, “Hey! That was the year my mom was born!!”

Girl Student (teary eyed): My finger really hurts…
Me (blowing a kiss onto her finger): There we go! When I taught kindergarten a couple years ago, every time I blew a kiss on someone’s owie then it healed VERY soon. My students said my boo-boo kisses were like magic! I sure hope I still have my touch!!

Girl Student (rubbing her finger): Nope. You don’t have it anymore.
(A few minutes later…)
Girl Student (smiles apologetically and whispers): Oh, never mind what I said…I guess you really DO still have the touch!

Me: YAY!!! I’m so happy to hear that I haven’t lost it!

Girl Student: Alright, Tiger, now don’t get TOO excited!


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