Clever or just conniving?


In October we visited a pumpkin patch that smartly offered a pumpkin coloring sheet. If you colored it and brought it back, you got a discount on admission. Mistaking this sales gimmick as a bona fide coloring contest, my eight-year-old colored a 1st place blue ribbon on the pumpkin itself, as though it had been pinned on by the awards committee. She was disappointed when I explained that that wasn’t how it worked.

October 004

More recently we checked out several Eye Witness books from the library. One was “Aztec, Inca, and Maya.” When we got home we discovered that some worthy parent or librarian had taped several pages shut, hiding the information about human sacrifice from young eyes.

A few days later my daughter “finished” her literature assignment. I picked up her workbook to check her answers to the reading comprehension. That looked good, but when I tried to check the essay part there was a problem: she had taped the pages together. She hates writing, so she didn’t answer those questions and perhaps hoped I wouldn’t see them!

It was one of those moments where I just had to shake my head and sigh.

AND PLEASE NOTE: My previous post about the Healing the 21st Century Family had a bad link!! How annoying! Sorry about that. Please click HERE for more information!


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