Speaking of that MBA child…


When negotiations don’t work, there’s always this method…

It was time for me to start making dinner. My six-year-old asked what we were having. I told her sausage, potatoes, and corn or carrots. I even let her VOTE on corn or carrots. (She chose corn. Typical.) But then she decided she wasn’t a big fan of sausage and potatoes and asked if there were any other options. I did sort of feel like making tuna casserole since I had plenty of time for cooking, unlike some nights where sausage is the easy last-minute prep meal. So, I told her tuna was an option.

First she said, “Ohh, I don’t like that.”

I reminded her that she and her sisters always eat it up when I make it. Suddenly her eyes brightened as if remembering, so she wrapped her arms around my waist, squeezed me in a big hug, looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes, and said quietly but intensely, “Make it. Make it.”

She won hands down. I wonder when she’ll learn the art of eyelash fluttering. She was nearly there.

Any of you have a child who can pull the charm on you?

BONUS: Let’s read this nice review someone posted on Amazon of my book, shall we? (Alright, let’s!)

101 Tips for a Happier Marriage is a brief, but efficient book that provides the reader with 101 practical tips on a happy marriage. The tips are arranged thematically under headings such as “Adjust Your Attitude” or “Get It Done Without Drama.” I appreciate that as it makes for an easier and more systematic read. You might need a specific section of the book at a certain time, and you don’t want to spend an hour thumbing through the book to find the tip you are looking for.

Generally, I try and find a favorite section or chapter in a book to recommend. However, each tip fits on one page, so I have to take a different approach. What I like best about this book is that the book is addressed to the reader. The authors don’t give tips on how to improve your spouse so your marriage will be happy. They give you tips on how to improve YOU! There were definitely some tips in here that opened my eyes and made me say, “I do that and I need to stop.” Even though I have been married for just under two years and we are still in the honeymoon phase, I want to always have a happy marriage. This book isn’t the magic bullet to accomplish that, but it is a no-nonsense practical guide to help along the journey. It would make a perfect wedding gift or a 50th anniversary gift. Five stars!

P.S. I’m still willing to mail interested parties their own personalized, autographed copy for yourself or as a gift to someone else. You can leave a comment that will be just for me! ($10 a book–cheaper than Amazon!)

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