I predict an MBA in her future.


Conversation between my husband and our six-year-old daughter:

“How can I have darker hair?”

“Well, some people dye it.”

“Can I dye my hair?”

“Maybe when you’re older.”

“Like seven or eight?”

“More like 18.”


“Maybe 16.”

“How about 11?”

That’s when my husband said, “Good night,” and left the room.

I don’t know where she picked up these negotiating skills!

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  1. Haha that’s awesome! My mom wouldn’t let me dye my hair growing up (she let me do the kool-aid thing once for Halloween), but as soon as I turned 18 I dyed my hair brown (I’m a blonde naturally) after that first dye job my hair has never been able to restore to it’s natural color so I have been stuck dying my hair ever since. If I had it to do over, I never would have done it.


    • A-ha! Good to know! I would tell that to my daughter, but I don’t really think it would sink in at this point. I’m surprised you dyed it brown. I thought all girls want to be blonde! I wouldn’t mind, personally.


      • Yeah it probably won’t sink in yet…that would be too easy. Blonde would be great, but I flush really bright red when I do the slightest physical activity. Back then I was super self conscious about that because I felt the clash between my bright blonde hair and my bright red face called too much attention to myself.


      • Ah, gotcha. My other two kids are red heads, which is fun, but it means they will be perpetually pale, and if they are ever embarrassed or over-exerted… then, yea. You can imagine. 🙂


      • Oh yes I can imagine, but I’m sure red on red works out. Plus I’m betting they have some pretty cute freckles amd I right?


      • Some freckles. Not a lot. They’re not over-powering like many redheads, for which I’m thankful, really. I think they’re more pretty than cute this way. Ah, whatever! 🙂


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